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Birth Story?

For those of you who have been through labor and delivery, did you write a birth story? My angel was born on June 24th and I've been going to a support group. The facilitator encouraged me to write a birth story so that I would never forget any of the details. I just wrote it tonight and it was super painful, but somewhat therapeutic to write it all down. I'm so glad I did it because I never want to forget little details. I left out some of the more painful memories but I included the important information.
If you have not done this, I encourage you to do so when you're ready. I'm glad that I'll have this to keep with his other little mementos.  


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Re: Birth Story?

  • That's a good idea. I've thought about capturing the memory but I got really sick and don't remember a lot of her birth or the days after. It's so strange when something triggers a memory I didn't even know I had about that time. Like I didn't know my brother in law (who is also our pastor) was there until I saw a picture, but now I vaguely do remember a moment of him at my bedside which I had thought was days later but was actually just after she was born. I've wondered if writing it down would jog my memory or just be really brief! I remember holding her with my husband. That's the most important thing. 
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