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Zika and Cabo~ Travel plans, help!

We are supposed to leave to Cabo on Sunday.  I know that Zika has been a big threat and it has been a worry but there's been a million other things on my mind and I'm just now getting to be very concerned about it since the trip is right around the corner.  (I know I should have thought of this sooner)  My husband doesn't care and does not want to cancel.  I spoke with my dr today who was very concerned and strongly urged not to go.  Although, there are zero cases of Zika in Cabo.  There are confirmed cases in all of Mexico but Cabo is on the peninsula and there's zero...  (And there are actually 90 where I live in Texas.)  Still, CDC says no to all of Mexico.  I want to follow Dr's orders and NOT go and it's not worth the risk, but my husband is unwilling to reschedule since there are zero cases there.  I'm worried my Dr may even drop me for not following advice.   Please any advice you can give as to what to do. This is my fourth child.  Even if I refuse to go and my husband goes- it is sexually transmitted so that means no sex until the baby comes. .. 
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Re: Zika and Cabo~ Travel plans, help!

  • if your doctor is willing to drop you over your decision to go one would think a group
    of Internet strangers aren't the people to listen to. 

    and if he goes, use a condom. 
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  • Where in cabo are you going? I was there for my honeymoon a year ago and the area we were in had zero mosquito issues.

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  • Your dr told you not to go. Don't go. YH will have to get over it.
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  • Honestly if there are 0 confirmed cases there I would go. Wear bug spray constantly and you should be fine if there aren't any cases. 
  • In my world, Doctor and CDC trump the laity. Maybe you H needs to do a little more research on what Zika can do to babies. If you're thinking about your baby having that happen to them, it's horrifying. Just in terms of their quality of life. But even if he's only thinking about himself, the inconvenience of resheduling a vacation is nothing in comparison to caring for a child with such severe birth defects.
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    Your doctor and the CDC know more about the risk than your husband does. I get that there are no cases in Cabo, and that you would probably be fine – but that's a pretty big risk to take when you're being so strongly advised against it by a medical professional and the US government. 

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  • Honestly I would tell my DH to shove it. You and the baby's health are so much more important than any trip you could ever take. And if your doctor is considering dropping you, I would take that as a major red flag. 
  • Even though there's 90 cases in Texas, none of those cases are locally spread, all are from travel or sexual transmission . Mexico has locally transmitted cases which is why there is travel restrictions there. It's not worth the risk. 
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  • I had to make a similar difficult decision, albeit with more warning, to cancel our trip to Cabo in November. It's hard, but hopefully your husband will understand.
  • jomarma said:
    I had to make a similar difficult decision, albeit with more warning, to cancel our trip to Cabo in November. It's hard, but hopefully your husband will understand.
    This post was from last month. The OP has either already gone on her trip or not by now. Let's all stop reviving zombie threads?
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