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Used breast pump...

My mom bought me a pump from one of her friends, which she didn't use that much. It's a nice Medela one and came with all the extra stuff you can get. I know some people are opposed to using a used pump, but I have also heard of people cleaning the inside of the pump with something like rubbing alcohol and getting new lines, membranes, etc. anyone else use a used pump before??

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  • For the medela, assuming it's the PISA, you can take the face plate off and clean/sanitize. It is recommended you get new tubing ($8 on amazon) and sanitize the flanges/adapters. You should get new membranes every few weeks, depending on how often you pump. I would check the medela website before using rubbing alcohol though just in case. It may damage the diaphragm. 
  •  I have a new pump (free through insurance) but agree if you sanitize it and replace the parts, there is probably no problem with a gently used one. 
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  • Just verify proper sanitizing and cleaning with they manufacturer and I think it's fine.  If you're in the US and you have a non-grandfathered insurance plan, then you should get one for free through insurance.  Maybe look into that as well if you're concerned.
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    Just get new parts & it should be fine. 
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