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What My Pregnant Self is Eating 8/16

I don't know who's in charge of this but I just started it.  

Re: What My Pregnant Self is Eating 8/16

  • All that Panera talk yesterday I went and got myself a potato soup.  It was delicious and I didn't throw it up! Now I require more!!

  • @AfKash you should definitely have more delicious non-make you vomit soup!  I love their broccoli cheddar soup.

    I've been really in to sour things lately.  Someone at work had these sour straws and I had to go get some for myself.  I've also been really digging pineapple.  
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  • Gyros. There is a gyro place not too far from my work. erhmagherd.

     <3 DD1- Aug11 <3o:) Angel Baby- June13, said goodbye Oct12 o:)<3 DD2- Aug13 <3<3 DD3- due Feb17 <3

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  • Korean short rib tacos for lunch...  followed by an afternoon snack of a creme brulee cupcake.

    (It was a rough morning)
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  • Frozen berries. So craving coffee with cream, but I'm avoiding caffeine altogether.  

  • Steak burritos! 
  • Gyros. There is a gyro place not too far from my work. erhmagherd.
    The best gyros I ever had were from the NYC street carts. 
    Because of their deliciousness, gyros anywhere else are just meh. 
  • Same @CurlyCupcake21 this pregnancy is apparently all about sour. Lots of lemonade, sour candy, sour fruit like green apples or plums.. Basically anything that makes me do this:

  • Guys everyone keeps talking about fall food and I've all of a sudden been struck by the NEED for candy apples. When is the fair coming?!
    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
  • Cherry tomatoes dipped in ranch dressing. I actually made a special trip at lunch yesterday to get both, then ate them at my desk all like 

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  • All the breakfast foods. Lots of hash browns, bacon egg & cheese sandwiches, and pancakes. 
  • Nachos and cheese. Broccoli and cheese bites with tiny pieces of bacon in them. 
  • Italian bread slathered with butter, with slices of tomato and sprinkled with salt and pepper.  Somehow the best thing I've tasted in days.
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  • :# Dinner tonight was applesauce, two tortillas, Fritos and bean dip, pistachios and red vines.  My husband looks at me like I'm a total freak and I don't even care.
  • @homemake I know lots of pregnant women drink coffee and doctors say it's safe up to a certain amount.  I am just choosing to stay away entirely, even from decaf since it has some caffeine.  

  • All the breakfast foods. Lots of hash browns, bacon egg & cheese sandwiches, and pancakes. 
    Because of this we are having bacon egg bagel sandwiches and hash browns. I've never been so excited for dinner! 
  • Pancakes, eggs, veggie Submarina sandwiches, mayo, lemonade, greek yogurt, cold apples & grapes.
    I am currently craving fall desserts such as apple pie & pumpkin pie! I am hoping to hold out until fall though! Can't wait! Fall gives me the warm fuzzies inside!!

  • French macarons...  Because DH and his work buddies had a taste test of different bakeries' goods today (and he brought me the leftovers).
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  • I'm sick so I made chicken soup with lemon and dill. here is Jake the Dog "helping me" 
  • Chicken pot pies, grapes(green or red), apples, salad, salty snacks such as Doritos and cheese puffs, and lemon Italian ice. That almost sounds healthy. 
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  • My appetite has taken a nose dive again, so it's mostly just small portions of fruits and veggies. Once in a while I'll throw some yogurt into the mix.

  • I have a headache and have had a superbly shitty day, I had a hot fudge sundae and french fries for dinner. 

    @Gretchypoo your dog is ridiculously cute. 
  • Granny smith apples sliced and dipped in peanut butter are sooooooo good
  • @AfKash Panera is delicious! I'm obsessed with their broccoli and cheese soup. 

    Last night I made a crockpot full of Chili Mac. I am secretly counting down the days until the cooler weather and I've been craving comfort foods.
  • Now I want Panera, and the closest one is an hour away! Road trip time!
  • Panera sounds good....I always get an orange scone for my dessert....yummmm! They sell a small container of Panera Bread mac n cheese in my work kitchen....but it is $7 for a teeny weeny cup....so I control the urge most of the time. I can get a big bowl at Panera for the same price and it isn't out of the microwave
  • New Panera salad: Chinese Citrus Cashew Salad w/ Chicken.  Ah-maz-ing!
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  • OMG that sounds great @MLRocha

  • I had Wendys for lunch....baked potato and fries....yummmmo! They have the best fries ever
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