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Confused on if period or remnants of miscarriage... help!

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According to my doctor, I passed everything on Friday except a little blood. I bled all weekend and then stopped late yesterday. Had no blood all day today until tonight. Started bleeding again a little bit just now (bright red not brown) and now I am confused. I have a headache like I usually do right before I get my period along with the cramps which I know COULD be from the miscarriage but all of that had gone away by yesterday completely for a while and then came back. How do you tell the difference between a period and leftover remnants of a miscarriage? Sorry if the way I worded this offends anyone. Trying to conceive again and don't know whether or not to count this as a period. 

Re: Confused on if period or remnants of miscarriage... help!

  • It is too early to be your period. It'll likely return in 4-6 weeks. This is due to your MC. After mine I bleed for 3 days then nothing for 2 days and then bleed again for another couple days. Your body is healing and some people take longer than others. If the bleeding picks up I would call the dr. So sorry for your loss.

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    The bleeding right now is not your period but if you are charting...like on fertility friend, I would consider the first day of bleeding to be CD1 of your cycle. For example I had a D&C so I put the day of my surgery as first day of my "period" so it would reset the app to start over with a new cycle. 

    Your cycle can be pretty whacked out after MC so don't be concerned if you don't get your real period right away...I know you want to try again but just have to be patient. So sorry for your loss, I know it is a hard thing to go through. 
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