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Bleeding month after natural mc

Hey all,

I miscarried my second baby on July 5th, and decided to do this mc naturally (my first one I lost in March was completed with a d&C) I bled most heavily the week I lost it, then it trickled off for weeks, and I spotted for about a week at the end of July. Then, the heavy bleeding returned. It is now August 15 and I am still passing large clots and tissue. My hCg levels are dropping still, very slowly, and the nurse said that I will continue to bleed until I reach zero. However, it is still incredible to me that I could be bleeding this heavy so long after the miscarriage, so much so that sometimes I Bleed through my clothes. It comes very heavy at some moments, light the next.

Has this happend to you so long after the miscarriage actually happened? So sick of the bleeding!

lots of love to all who have miscarried,

Re: Bleeding month after natural mc

  • First, I'm so very sorry for your loss. It is the very worst kind of pain and you will be in my prayers.

    I miscarried my very first baby during my very first pregnancy and I bled for almost a full month too. I started miscarrying the end of June, all the way up until the end of July. I only found out I was miscarrying when I went to the ER on July 4. If you're still bleeding heavily, it might be a good idea to talk to your doctor just in case. From what I've learned and read, the bleeding shouldn't last more than four to six weeks.

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