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If baby was born early....

If my son was born at 37 weeks would that make an impact on his Wonder weeks in on when he learns how to do certain tasks compared to my first child who was born late in the 39th week? I do realize that all children develop at different rates so I can't really compare of my son and my daughter but I was just curious how much of an impact being born a few weeks early could make

Re: If baby was born early....

  • Wonder Weeks goes by due date not birth date. DS was a 37 weeker and it held true that he started leaps by his due date. 
  • What is wonder weeks?
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  • There's a thread in this forum for all things WW related: https://forums.thebump.com/discussion/12684707/wonder-weeks#latest

    Description about the book: "The worldwide bestseller and multiple award winning The Wonder Weeks. How to stimulate your baby's mental development and help him turn his 10 predictable, great, fussy phases into magical leaps forward describes the incredible mental developmental changes (leaps) and regression periods that all babies go through. Understanding the real reason behind crying, eating and sleeping problems is the only real solution every parent needs. The Wonder Weeks reveals what s going on inside baby s mind. The book includes: .Week-by-week guide to baby's behavior .When to expect the fussy behavior, what this implies (cranky, clingy, crying (the three C's) behavior) and how to deal with these regression periods (leaps) .A description from your baby's perspective of the world around him and how you can understand the changes he's going through .Fun games and gentle activities you can do with your child The book is based on the scientific- and parental-world-changing discovery of a phenomenon: all normal, healthy babies appear to be more fussy at very nearly the same ages, regression periods, and sleep less in these phases. These age-related fluctuations in need for body contact and attention (regression periods) are related to major and quite dramatic changes in the brains of the children. These changes enable a baby to enter a whole new perceptual world and, as a consequence, to learn many new skills. This should be a reason for celebration, but as far as the baby is concerned these changes are bewildering. He's taken aback everything has changed overnight. It is as if he has woken up on a strange planet. He needs you to guide him and understand what he is going through! Get ready to rediscover the world all over again with your baby "
  • Thanks. I had never heard of that before. Oh and sorry I'm a lurker from June 2016.
  • Thanks. I had never heard of that before. Oh and sorry I'm a lurker from June 2016.
    No worries! I hadn't heard of it either until I saw it mentioned on the board a lot. I bought the book out of curiosity as a result.
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