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Midwives in North Dakota

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Hello!  Jumping in headfirst here.

I've done quite a bit of research and am having a difficult time finding midwife options in mid-western North Dakota. Specifically, I'd like to find a midwife near Bismarck, however, I live in Garrison, so I could open my search area to Minot (although I'd rather not give birth in Minot).  I will ask my OBGYN when I see her, but haven't had my first appointment yet. Unfortunately, the bump message board in my area hasn't been active for about 4 years :-( 


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Re: Midwives in North Dakota

  • What do you want a midwife for - what involvement do you see them vs. your obgyn (doctor) having in your pregnancy and L&D? 
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  • lundlund
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     I should probably specify that I'm looking for a nurse midwife. From what I understand, midwives take more time with you, get to know you and your body better, and are generally more personal and encourage you to let your body do what it is supposed to do. They also are more so on the natural side of things, which I prefer. 

    I did, however, just talk to someone at my obgyn's office, and she mentioned something about ND not recognizing midwife certification... and I'm not sure if that also pertains to nurse midwives. 

    If a midwife is not an option, I'll likely look into hiring a doula in addition to my obgyn. 
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  • Hey @lund!! I was reading this board and saw your post. I don't know if you've gotten any more info, but I had the same issue. I found a Natural Childbirth Support page on Facebook for my state, and there's been lots of helpful info and referrals there. In fact, that's where I found the birthing center I'm likely going to use (and if not, it's where I found the hospital midwives practice AND a doula AND a post-partum wrapping service). Have you checked out Facebook?
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  • Thanks @Cait32! Since making the original post, I've found some good resources around here. Unfortunately, the reality is that there aren't many options around here (and midwives are non-existent at my chosen hospital), but I've found some good doulas and an OB that I really like.

    Thank you for your comment!
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