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***rant*** Rural healthcare sucks

So I had to go back to the hospital today for a second HCG test. Turns out, the lab is only open 4 hours on Sunday. (Which is not on their website or on their entryway doors or anyplace where the general public would know) They called the hospital 30 minutes away and their lab isn't even open on Sunday! The lab at our hospital is open but only for ER patients so I could either pay a huge er bill for a simple blood draw or wait until tomorrow. I called my doctor and she was mad because all she knew was that the hospital lab was open 7 days a week but didn't know they had limited hours on Sunday. Said I need to go in first thing tomorrow morning which means I'll be late for work. I'm so pissed. The receptionist at the hospital gave me attitude and I told her "well I'm sorry I'm not misscarrying during regular business hours." That shut her up. It's just with everything else to deal with this new bullshit is pushing me over the edge.

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Re: ***rant*** Rural healthcare sucks

  • Ugh...I feel you on the insensitive people in health care. Good for you for what you said to the receptionist! Sad that things aren't simple. Even in big metropolitan areas, like where I live, things like this are still issues. Take care!

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  • I am sorry. 

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