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The bleeding feels never ending

I was told that everything had passed on the ultrasound but I've been bleeding still since I got that reading yesterday around noon. It's been over 24 hours since I apparently passed everything. How long is this supposed to last? Tired of the cramping and constant reminder. Ready to start trying again but don't want to being in this much pain! Help!!!!

Re: The bleeding feels never ending

  • I think it varies a lot. Mine was ectopic discovered just before 6 weeks, and the bleeding lasted almost exactly a month. 2 days after that stopped, AF came (that's quicker than most other people I've heard about) and was a little longer than usual. I then had to get an HSG to make sure my tubes were clear and had spotting from that. So I bled from June 21 to about August 6ish. I think the bleeding lasts longer if your further along, too. It was mostly spotting for me, the heavy bleeding lasted about a week, I think
  • Just had my first miscarriage (first pregnancy as well) and I bled for four weeks. It was heavy for 7 days, light for 8, heavy for 3, and then light spotting the rest of the time. I was barely 3 weeks along. Hope that helps.
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  • Ive been bleeding since August 7, everything passed according to my ultrasound. I've been told that it generally takes 2-4 weeks to stop bleeding, and AF will likely come 4-6 weeks after everything passed, but that's just the norm. I know it's only been a few weeks for me, but it has felt like forever.  :(

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  • I'm glad I read this. Mine has been only a week and I go from barely anything to cramping and heavy flow. I was hoping after I passed everything it would stop. I go to a residency clinic and I get conflicting information. One told me it should be done by the weekend and another said a few weeks. Hopefully it's done soon, for all of us.
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