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Feeling defeated, kinda long..

Hey Mamas. 

My my son was born on 6/16 and we have been "successfully" breastfeeding since day one. I put that in quotes because he has neverrrrrr stopped spitting up after every feeding, and when I say spitting up, I mean probably half of what he had taken in. 

At at his one month appt I asked about this and the NP prescribed him Zantac for possible reflux. After a week of zero improvement, she instructed me to discontinue it and said he must be just a "happy spitter." Great. 

As an experiment a little while ago, I gave my son a 4 ounce bottle of Similac. Not only did he chug it, but not a drop of it came back up. 

Im feeling very frustrated and defeated. I've nursed him for almost two months and managed to pump well over 300 ounces to be frozen for whenever we need it.

So now I feel like there's definitely something wrong with my breastmilk, or there's something about it that doesn't mix well with my sons stomach at all. 

Has anyone dealt with anything similar?? 


Re: Feeling defeated, kinda long..

  • Have you done any research on foods in your diet that could be upsetting him? Have you tried the same bottle/formula experiment with your pumped milk?

    My LO had about 2 weeks where he 'spit up' after meals - it seemed like a gallon! They told me he might just be overeating and when his belly got full, it pushed everything out... not just the excess. For a while, I only fed him on one side or I took him off before he had stopped eating. It sounds like you have a  VERY healthy supply, so you might try cutting his feedings a little short and seeing if that helps. 

    Good luck! I know it's frustrating. 
  • How is his growth? If he's happy and growing well, I wouldn't worry too much. I wonder if the formula being thicker than breast milk is what helped keep it down. As pp suggested, I'd try feeding on one side at a time and only offering the other side if he's still hungry after burping/waiting a few minutes. I'd also try to keep him upright for 20-30 minutes after feeding to see if that helps everything stay down. 

    Dairy is the most common culprit for tummy problems in little ones, but if he tolerated the formula well, I wouldn't suspect dairy is an issue in your case. Of course, as a trial, you could reduce or eliminate the dairy in your diet for a few weeks to see if that helps too. 
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  • Hi, Zantac won't reduce or prevent spit up, it just reduces stomach acid so it doesn't burn coming up.
    have you met with a lactation consultant? She may be helpful in answering some of your questions.
    how was lo's weight gain when he was spitting up? Are you getting 6-8 wet diapers a day?
     If he was on his curve then he truly may be just a happy spitter. 
    Also, it can look like much more spit up than what's actually coming out. 
    You could have an issue with a fast let down or having multiple let downs. Does he pull off the breast or gasp and choke at any point?
    my advice would be continue nursing as he wants too.. You'll drive yourself crazy trying to guess when he should come off and he knows when he's going through a growth spurt and needs to nurse more often. If he spits up then it's natures way of fixing the problem. I wouldn't switch to formula and I'd continue to BF per his cue and don't worry about preventing the spit up. Just make sure you've got extra towels.
    I will suggest that your pedi rule out pyloric stenosis if it's forceful projectile vomit after every feeding--- I doubt it's that bc he'd not have any or very few wet and dirty diapers.

  • Thank you guys for your responses- I've calmed down about it. When I originally posted, I was running on 3 hours of sleep.. 

    Anyway, I still have no idea why he is still spitting up. His 2 month doctors appt is this upcoming Saturday so I'll ask about it then. Until then, I'll keep the burp cloths and towels very close by! Ugh! 

    I just get tired of feeling like a puke-covered cow sometimes. I get tired of being someone's food source. 


  • I'm 8 months in with my DD. This sounds all too familiar to me. I've battled oversupply and overactive letdown with this kiddo. (My first one had a whole different set of challenges.) She's STILL a happy spitter. In fact the pedi warned us that it gets worse before it gets better because they're so much more mobile. Something that really helped me was someone telling me that BF babies eat the right amount and spitting up is just some of the excess. I also limited pumping once I had 200 ounces frozen. The only time I pumped (besides work!) was to relieve pressure if she didn't eat off that side and I limited it to 3-5 minutes. Basically I tried to reduce my supply so that there's less available for her to eat. I joke that I do laundry for burp cloths! My DS calls her a Spit Up Gun. And I've heard DS say, "Waterfall!!!" from the back seat. Lol! I also went through eliminating everything in my diet. Ultimately I think it was either nothing or coconut based on her poop color. I did that for 5 months (1-6months old). It's hard. I know. Keep up the BF'ing! Let me know if I can help with anything else.
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    Is he gaining weight? If he's a happy spitter, it's not a big deal. :)
  • My DS was a happy spitter and so are my DD too. I second what @PinkLady2015 said
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