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Nurse and Dr. Gifts?

Hey everyone!

I'm starting to pack my hospital bag, and a lot of checklists said Nurse gifts/baskets and dr gift/baskets. I've never heard of this before, but is this something that I should do? And if so, what exactly do I get?  TIA!

Re: Nurse and Dr. Gifts?

  • I wasn't organized enough to remember gifts, but I read about taking a candy bowl. They could either grab a piece when they came to see you or take it to the nurses station. 

    I don't think it's necessary, but I'm sure it would be appreciated. 

  • I didn't do it either time and probably won't again this time.  But I've had friends who've sent fruit baskets, cookie trays or bagel trays to the L&D nursing station.  That seems to go over best since everyone can share.
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  • We put together a gift basket (granola bars, chocolate, gum, coffee, etc) for L&D and included a generic "thank you for taking such good care of us!" card. It's not mandatory, maybe not even very common, but I can't tell you how many nurses stopped by to tell us how much it meant to them. 

  •  I'm planning on bringing some thank you cards and boxes of candy. I'm assuming I'll have at least 3-4 nurses to thank. 
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    I actually had two L&D nurses on my bmb, and they said their favorite thing to receive is just a thank you card. With food, maybe not everybody can eat it, due to allergies or diets. It was my dh's job to get the name of everybody who helped us (including the anesthesiologist), and everybody got a thank you card. I also called to double check his list and make sure I didn't miss any night shift nurses. 

    ETA oops, holy zombie thread. At least it's only 2 months old. Hopefully still helpful to someone else
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