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Anyone switching OB's after this?

I saw my OB yesterday at my follow up appt 2 wks after my miscarriage. He told me to wait 2 cycles to try again and use protection in the meantime. I am going with a new OB. I have a consult in 2 weeks for a second opinion.
He told me AF should return in 3-4 weeks from our appointment yesterday. Not sure what yesterday has to do with it. I had my complete miscarriage on July 23rd. He also told me he will not be considering me high risk this next time around. I turned 34 in April but will be 35 before I deliver if all works well next time around. This was a natural pregnancy, I wasn't charting anything but my AF start and end dates with an estimated week I would be fertile. I guess if it had been a chemical pregnancy that ended maybe he would consider me high risk? He only told me that this next time around they would do testing at 9 weeks for chromosome issues. 
I am also really upset with him and his office because during our first appointment on July 11th I gave a urine sample which came back positive for a UTI. They didn't call me to tell me. Instead they send meds to the pharmacy for me on the 18th and I didn't know about them until I picked up meds for pain from my miscarriage on July 26th. I can't have a doctor that doesn't call you when something is wrong. That is crazy. When I went in for my very first appt with my GP to confirm the pregnancy it was June 22nd and they told me to schedule the July 11th appointment for my first ultrasound at 8 wks. When I showed up for that appt the OB told me it was too soon and I would need to come back in 2 weeks for an ultrasound. Waste of a co-pay for nothing. 
I also thought it was hilarious when he told me to start taking folic acid because it is best to take it 3 months before you get pregnant. I have been taking prenatals for 3 years to get my body ready and he knew that from our previous appointment. I asked him if I needed to take more than the 800 mcg in the prenatal because of my age and he said no. I am also 5'8 and 198 lbs which is overweight but I guess doesn't make me high risk either? I just feel there is more we can do as far as monitoring and testing this time around. Do any of you feel that way? It was a stupid appointment yesterday, basically everything he told me you can read on this site. Then they charged me $25 to get a copy of my chart notes (that I will take to the new Dr) but I didn't tell them that. I have never paid to get my own chart notes from the actual office. I can understand if I needed to call medical records for past records but these were all within the last month. 

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Re: Anyone switching OB's after this?

  • I'm sorry for your loss. It just adds to it when the doctor is unhelpful, insensitive, or incompetent. It sounds like switching doctors is a good idea. I thankfully didn't have the issues you did, but our Reproductive Endocrinologist, who we'd been seeing for infertility so he knows the struggles we've had trying to get pregnant, told me "it's not a real baby until 12 weeks anyway." That was enough for me to be done with him and moving on to a new RE, so I think you're plenty justified in finding a new doc.

    By the way, the $25 charge for your chart is outrage, and possibly illegal unless it was a couple hundred pages long. According to HIPPA rules, they can only charge for the cost of copies. I'd ask for my money back and threaten to file a complaint if they don't refund you. Here's the law to cite from the Code of Federal Regulations (https://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/CFR-2003-title45-vol1/xml/CFR-2003-title45-vol1-sec164-524.xml):
    (4) Fees. If the individual requests a copy of the protected health information or agrees to a summary or explanation of such information, the covered entity may impose a reasonable, cost-based fee, provided that the fee includes only the cost of:(i) Copying, including the cost of supplies for and labor of copying, the protected health information requested by the individual;(ii) Postage, when the individual has requested the copy, or the summary or explanation, be mailed; and(iii) Preparing an explanation or summary of the protected health information, if agreed to by the individual as required by paragraph (c)(2)(ii) of this section.

    If you do want to file a complaint,  you can do it here: https://ocrportal.hhs.gov/ocr/smartscreen/main.jsf
  • So sorry for your loss. I agree it is stressful and hard when the doctors office isn't good. After my miscarriage I switched. The doctors weren't sensitive or helpful. I had a vaginal ultrasound and a blood draw the day I started my miscarriage. They called me to let me know there was no reason to come back and my hcg levels were fine as in low enough not to return. I had a bunch of appointments booked because I'm a planner and they called to tell me I missed an appointment for an ultrasound for a baby I wouldn't be having when I never called they sent me a missed appointment letter saying if I didn't show up again they'd bill me. It was too soon after so I couldn't force myself to call because I knew I would just cry and be inaudible. Then they did it again. I called and told the woman you should have records I had an early miscarriage and you're calling me to let me know I'm missing appointments for a pregnancy when I'm not pregnant. The woman told me it was my responsibility to call and cancel. I told her they have the files figure it out and hung up. The last thing you need while grieving is another headache. My new doctor is sweet and tried to make me feel better when we went over my medical concerns. So glad I switched! Check out reviews and find a new doc you'll be happy you did!
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  • I switched. Obviously do your research but it was the best decision I have ever made! Good luck girlie!

  • I may...
    Not that my OB has been bad by any means, I have just seen sooooo many doctors in the past month for my late twins that I think I may have found one that is better for me/us. Someone who can give you the time you need, not make you feel rushed, communicates clearly and effectively and shows empathy in these difficult times is a keeper in my book!

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