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Breastfeeding and wisdom teeth extraction

I will be talking this over at my consult on the first but I'm super nervous. I'm 27 and never had my wisdom teeth taken out, thank you parents for poor dental health tips as a kid). I don't know how any of this works other tha typically you are put under and in a lot of pain after. I had a tooth extracted while awake when my daughter was a few weeks old but they told me to take Tylenol and that wasnit for the pain because the dentist "didn't know" what medications were breastfeeding safe. That was terrible! I could have used some sort of pain medication that night and the next morning (the pain lasted for about 24 hours) instead of curling up and crying. 
Anyone dealt with anything similar?

Re: Breastfeeding and wisdom teeth extraction

  • No advice on what medications are safe while breastfeeding but if you are having all four pulled you would definitely need some type of pain meds. I had mine pulled and the first day I was ok. The second day was terrible. I swelled up like a chipmunk! Three days later I went to work and a customer commented on my bruises. I didn't even know I had a huge bruise along my whole bottom jaw. I think I only used the pain meds that second day. After that I felt fine. Good luck!
  • Oh goodness!! I'm hoping they'll give me something. I am getting all four removed and a molar that's chipped horribly. Also hoping they can do the actual procedure done soon after my consult so I can heal up asap. I just want it done and out of the  way lol
  • I understand. The procedure itself was quick, only about 15 minutes. Hope all goes well!
  • Oh dang that's a lot quicker than I thought. The tooth I had extracted 6 years ago took like 30 minutes to get out. I figured it would be a super long procedure lol
  • Are your wisdom teeth under the gum or through it? Recovery is easier if the tooth is somewhat pushing through the gum according to my husband who had his removed last summer. I have one that's through the gum that I've been putting off getting extracted for over 2 years now.
  • All four of mine are through the gum. I think pretty much the entire top of each tooth is showing. I hope that makes it easier!! My fiancé tells me they had to cut his out and how terrible his recovery way. To put it in perspective he told me he read the DaVinci Code and angels and demons while recovering....he absolutely never reads unless it's about tech lol. That scares me lol. I was originally supposed to get them out in January of 2007 but I found out I was pregnant three weeks before my appointment. And I've just put it off since. 
  • Have you already had this done? If not, 
     LactMed is a good resource.

     They have an app or you can go to

    As well, check out this link: 
  • @WeddingNotes13 thank you! I have my consult on the 1st so I haven't had it done yet. I'll definitely be reading that!
  • Good! I am glad that you had not yet had it done. I hear that many medical providers inaccurately tell patients that they have to pump and dump, but this is rarely this case. Good luck!

  • @WeddingNotes13 thank you so much! I had my consult today the doctor said I'd have to go 2-3 days without nursing. I cited one of the sources on that link you sent me after I talked with the nurse about what's actually administered and she said then it should be fine. I'm going to contact a lactation consultant because I'm so unsure of what to do. The website you gave me lists it shouldn't hinder at all so I just want to be sure. 

    Nitsun M, Szokol JW, Saleh HJ, Murphy GS, Vender JS, Luong L, Raikoff K, Avram MJ. Pharmacokinetics of midazolam, propofol, and fentanyl transfer to human breast milk. Clin Pharmacol Ther. 2006 Jun;79(6):549-57. “The amount of midazolam, propofol, and fentanyl excreted into milk within 24 hours of induction of anesthesia provides insufficient justification for interrupting breast-feeding.”

    This is the one that is what relates to what I'll be given 
  • I am glad to hear that it was helpful for you! It is so frustrating that the medical community frequently provides inaccurate information. I hope the LC is able to provide the confirmation that you need!

  • @WeddingNotes13 thank you again! I had my surgery today and even though they say no breastfeeding for 24-48 hours I know that I could have as soon as I woke up due to speaking with an LC. Also I know that the pain meds I'm on are a moderately safe medicine. He only nurses in the morning now so typically I'll be due for more medicine when he wants to nurse so it won't even be in my system any more!! Again thank you!
  • Hope you feel better soon! Tooth related things are the worst. 
  • Hope you feel better soon! Tooth related things are the worst. 
    Thank you!! Fortunately I've had an amazing recovery! I was down a bit Thursday but by the evening I wasn't up and around the house. Friday I was on my own with the baby and was feeling quite good. Sore in the back of my jaw and couldn't open my mouth all the way but nothing too bad. Didn't take any of the prescription meds Friday. Yesterday we were in a wedding and I felt quite great really. I spent all day running around one crazy and was quite exhausted and sore at the end of the night but nothing bad. This morning I was sore but again I feel pretty good. Thankfully all of my teeth were out so I'm pretty sure all they did was yank vs having to cut into the gums. This has made my recovery quite abnormal from what I'm gathering
  • Wonderful! Way to go for doing your homework to make sure that you and LO had what you needed. So glad to hear that it went ok and that recovery wasn't too bad. Glad you had the meds you needed!

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