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Overly fussy 19 week old any advice?

My son who is just about 20 weeks for very fussy the last week or so. It's so bad lately. I know it's just a phase he's going through and hoping it's almost over. I've read the wonder weeks book and know he's in a mental leap but in going nuts. Can't lay him down for a nap. Can't do anything lately without him being held. Today I can't be out of his sight for more than five minutes otherwise he screams. 
Just any tips on how to get though this phase? My older son was fussy but never this bad. I'm sitting here crying at the dinner table because I just want to make him happy.  

Re: Overly fussy 19 week old any advice?

  • Sorry you're going through this rough patch! My LO has been like this since day one. The best advice I could give you is to try wearing him. Once my daughter got a little older she always wanted to face out so I purchased a structured carrier that I knew was safe to do so (love my Moby but face out in it is very controversial). Now days my LO will let me wear her since I can face her out. Other than that I can't really offer much. I just go from one item to the next. We do swing, playmat, walker, bumbo, carrier and I will even lay her in front of the laptop and let her watch babytv on YouTube for a little bit (you get desperate sometimes lol) when she cries at one we move on to the next thing. If we get 10 minutes at one that great!
    You just have to remember that this too shall pass. And you are a great mom! As cliche as it is this is basically my life motto right now. 
    Whenever I'm having a particularly hard time I like to watch this video.

    Just remember you are a good mom, you're doing the best you can and this is just a phase! Good luck momma!
  • Thank you for the advice. I cannot wait
    for this to pass lol he's been a pretty good and easy baby until now so when he's fussy I have no idea what to do. He's also very stubborn. He'll cry for 25 minutes in his swing and you know he's tired but he won't give it up then you pick him up and within two minutes he's asleep. 
    As for last night once I ate some dinner I took LO in the shower so my DH could eat dinner. Shower seemed to have helped. Then we just cuddled on the couch for some skin to skin. He fell asleep around 815 at 930 laid him in his bed until 130. Then we were up on and off all night. Better than nothing. Now he's screaming again as I pump.
  • We went through this too during that leap and then one day it just stopped. DD is 23 weeks now and it's been about a week and a half since she's been crazy fussy. Hang in there! The rough leaps always feel like they'll never end but they do! 
  • My son is 22 weeks old now, and although we did hit a small rough patch of sleep regression, he does the same thing on some days and others he's fine. Recently it's getting him to take his naps that's been the biggest battle. The worst is when he falls asleep when I'm holding him and I'll go to put him down and 97% of the time he wakes right up before my hands even leave him and he gets so mad. Sometimes all he wants is to stare at me while I go about whatever it is that I'm doing, so usually when I cook dinner I'll move the rock n play in sight of the kitchen so he can see me while I cook, or I'll put it in front of me while I eat breakfast in the morning so I can use both hands to eat. You gotta do whatever works so you can get done what you need to! (Even if it means sticking your LO in front of the tv for just a few minutes while you use the bathroom or make yourself a cup of coffee) hang tough momma, and remember that this too shall pass!
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