Last big shopping trip before baby!

Just wondering if there are any easy meal recommendations, household items or specific snacks that I should especially stock up on. Include things you did, wish you had done, or went overboard on.
Please and thank you.
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Re: Last big shopping trip before baby!

  • Stock up on your favorite frozen insta-dinners.  We're fans of Digiorno pizzas.  I made a few soups and chili to freeze, too.  If you have a crockpot, look up recipes for "dump dinners", things you can prep ahead of time and just dump in, set it, and eat when its done.

    Snacks you can eat one-handed, especially if you're BFing.  I liked granola bars, string cheese, and pretzel sticks.  Get either a reusable water bottle (and tell your partner to keep it filled for you!) or a bunch of bottled water.  BFing will make you ultra thirsty!

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    Dermoplast with the blue cap. They gave me this at the hospital and it was amazing but I ran out pretty quick. I sent DH to find more and he got the one with the red cap and it burned a bit and obviously didn't feel as good (I think it's missing the menthol which is cooling). And keep way more freezer meals than you think you need because it was a good 2-3 weeks before I felt like standing for more than 10 minutes. We survived on takeout and delivery for much longer than i'd like to admit.
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  • I agree with everyone on freezer meals. And quick snacks like muffins! 
    I had a csection so my needs were a little different. But make sure you have some pads and panty liners.  And some granny pantys. Plus comfortable pants that are still loose in the belly but look decent for when you have guests (personally I went with "nice" pj pants (not my really old ones) or yoga pants). 
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