Last big shopping trip before baby!

Just wondering if there are any easy meal recommendations, household items or specific snacks that I should especially stock up on. Include things you did, wish you had done, or went overboard on.
Please and thank you.
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Re: Last big shopping trip before baby!

  • Stock up on your favorite frozen insta-dinners.  We're fans of Digiorno pizzas.  I made a few soups and chili to freeze, too.  If you have a crockpot, look up recipes for "dump dinners", things you can prep ahead of time and just dump in, set it, and eat when its done.

    Snacks you can eat one-handed, especially if you're BFing.  I liked granola bars, string cheese, and pretzel sticks.  Get either a reusable water bottle (and tell your partner to keep it filled for you!) or a bunch of bottled water.  BFing will make you ultra thirsty!

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