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My baby seems to prefer my right breast more.

My DS, who is 2 months old now, has seem to prefer my right breast way more than my left. And this is only at night and early morning. During the day, he doesn't care which side and drinks fine. When I position him to give my left breast, he starts to go to latch on then screams and fusses constantly. Then after calming him, I try again only to fuss again so I re-position him for my right breast and latches on instantly. I know he doesn't have an ear infection or thrush or pain there. I have tried all kinds of holds for him to take my left side including side-lying, football, and even laying him on pillows to trick him into the same position as the right but for the left breast. Nothing works. I don't have any weird lumps there. Again, it's at night and early dawn/morning feedings. During the day, he doesn't have a problem. Anybody else have this issue. What is wrong? Is there something wrong with me? I have been starting to get engorged and had to resort to pumping my left side sometimes so that I don't get clogged ducts. To note this has been happening the most the last 2 days.

Re: My baby seems to prefer my right breast more.

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    My son prefers my right breast as well but I've figured out that my letdown isn't as fast on that side and I think he knows that at this point. He hasn't refused my left breast but he does fuss a little bit when the letdown happens. Maybe it's something to that nature with your kiddo? He may not care during the day because he's alert but maybe when he's tired/sleepy during the night and in the morning he doesn't have the energy to cope with the left breast?

    Edit: I just realized this has only started happening for you in the past couple of days. Hmmmm, I'm not sure what could have changed in that time period.
  • Not sure why your LO all the sudden started preferring your right my LO always has. My left has a strong let down and makes her choke. She nurses on the right way longer than the left but a sudden change sounds like an ear infection. Not sure what else it could be. 
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  • Mine sometimes will switch which one she prefers. And she almost always nurses longer on the left. Lately if I latch her to left first she will eat hungrily for 5-8 minutes then sob and pull off. I burp her and switch her to left which produces more and she casually eats from left for 15-20 minutes. I've been switching her back to right after she is done on left and she will usually eat more. She doesn't do this fussing all the time and I wonder if it is because it takes more work to get milk out of right so she gets frustrated if she is hungry and wants food NOW.

    Any sudden change in behavior though and I would definitely get things checked out to rule out ear infections or anything else. Or check with an LC for any feeding tips.
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