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  • @PepperAT  which ones do you have waiting in your cart for you...? ;)
  • @BusinessWife I love reading all of your CD info! For me, I'm worried about ease, which is why I want to start with AIOs and Pockets. I like how close they are to disposables, and that's why I'm really interested in them. They're better for baby and the environment, but still super easy to use! Though I do know they're also the most expensive CD option. I fully intend to try different things with LO once they're here. I would love if I could go with the old faithful prefolds and covers if that's something I get comfortable with. I feel like the more I research the more I see that everyone seems to have their own preferences, and I'm excited to 'find' mine if/when the time comes!
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  • @rainbowturtles you should aim for a 3 hour hold for an opk and you should try not to drink anything during that time. Mid-morning to early afternoon is usually the best time to test

  •  @AliciaGoose @BusinessWife I love all your opinions and feedback on CDs. I'm still doing some research to find out which direction I would want to go. I have a couple AIOs in my cart, but still considering other options. So much to consider! 

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  • @AliciaGoose No problem!  I definitely look forward too, to trying everytihng out and I just HOPE I love everything I picked and I don't have to think about it ever again! lol  I forgot too, about the GroVia nb AIOs.  @clover28 uses the Grovia O/S ones, but I don't think she tried the newborn ones.

    @PepperAT One of the factors that influenced my decision Not to go the strictly AIO/pocket route is the washing/care instructions.  So for prefolds, I can wash those super-hot with my multiple soak-wash-rinse cycles and it's all good. They should dry easily and evenly in the drier no problem.  The covers I could do separately on a gentler cycle or hand-wash/hang dry.

    One of the biggest criticisms of the AIOs tends to be the dry time since you're dealing with many layers of material, sometimes the sewn-in inserts may not pull out the way they are supposed to leaving a gross messy unwashed thing in the wash cycle (I find that hard to COMPLETELY believe, but I see where they are coming from if it were pretty poorly designed, or not a strongly agitating machine), and/or inadequate laundry tabs if you're using velcro and they all get stuck together etc. which could still be an issue with Any velcro cover, if the laundry tabs are faulty, but maybe less of an issue when hand washing.

    I see it more as just an issue of wear and tear that the PUL is going to wear out long before the guts of the thing, so if I can keep my covers nicer longer by handwashing or gentle cycle etc. vs cooking and baking the heck out of my natural fiber prefolds, to me I'm maximizing the lifespan of the individual components by giving them the individualized care and handling each fabrics warrants.  KWIM?  I plan to have a nice big collapsible dry rack in the tub for covers, and again, since I'll have way more than necessary, I could easily go several days before having to do a load of covers, too.  Buuuut, you may not give a rat's hat about all that and be happy just to plunk everything straight into the wash and be done with it!  To each her own! ;)

    Oh, another note about snaps vs. velcro.  I find this interesting because snaps of course give you more longevity, especially for multiple kids.  For newborns, they will often snap down for the umbilical cord before it drops off.  I do think the better nb diapers are designed to fit UNDER the stump though, so they really ought to fit regardless of the not having the snapdown - we shall see, and that may even vary from baby to baby.  But the advantages of velcro may be for those who want something more akin to a disposable, or if in the middle of the night you don't want to fuss with snaps, or grandmas or husbands for whom snaps may be difficult, but ALSO that velcro can sometimes make for a better fit, especially on newborns who sometimes come out long and thin-limbed, rather than super-chunk-O's.  Pretty much everything I got were snaps, but my nb AIOs didn't come in snaps, so okay, and then when I accidentally ordered the same type of cover with the velcro instead of the AIO version, I just went with it rather than return them, because I figure maybe it will turn out to be a happy accident afterall!
  •  @BusinessWife Wow! That gives me so much more to think about! Oh man, this is the ultimate rabbit hole. Haha My biggest worry about the AIOs was the cleaning and care, so you definitely make a good case. The whole idea of the washing made me feel like that is all I would be doing and I felt like it wouldn't be completely sanitary. I know where to go if I have any other questions or need an opinion!. :wink: 

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  • We use BG AIO and have an HE machine.  My wash routine is pretty simple.  I prewash the poop ones in a utility sink and tide original in a spray bottle.  Then throw everything into the washer with tide original and put it on a long wash cycle. I wash in tap cold since my pre-wash by hand is hot water. Everything gets hanged in the sun to dry.  I also only have 22 diapers because if they sit more than 2-3 days they develop a bad smell (yep, found that one out the hard way lol). Now I wash every 3 days or more if necessary.
  • Cycle/Month: 1/1

    CD: 4

    WAYDTGKU: chart, cm, opk

    R/R: I forgot what my actual "normal" period felt like, off of hormonal BC. It's been years since I had more than spotting with maybe extremely mild cramping every few months. I feel like the biggest baby and my husband has been rolling his eyes at me for two days now while I mope around feeling super bloated and ouchy and like I pulled something in my lower back. I'm in for a rough ride if I was ready to tap out on day 3 lol...

    CS/Q: None right now

    GTKY: I only have one, but it's a doozy - not for the break-up itself per se, but what I learned later. The, "As-Short-As-I-Can-Make-It" version:
    I met my first BF when I was 17 and he was 21. We dated until I was 22 and had been having relationship problems for at least a year - he wanted to get married, I was SO not ready, he got possessive and jealous, etc. It came to a head one morning before I went to work. He called to confront me about a trip I was planning to visit some friends in Ohio, without him (my friends, not his). I told him we would talk about it later. He called me again while I was driving to work, we fought, I said we needed to take a break, and he gave me an ultimatum: no break, no trip, or we were "over". Okay I said, we're over.
    Fast-forward: I'm dating the man who would become my husband. My ex finds out and goes on a rant about how DH is "so much older" than me (which is true) and "what a loser" he is and other nasty things about us. I learn this because he flounced from my online social life entirely except on MYSPACE of all places. Then he started updating his personal information: his birthday, the year he graduated high school, and college. As it turns out, he had been lying to me about his age all along--a fact he has never publicly acknowledged though we still have mutual friends who know the truth. He was actually 27 when we started dating, NOT 21! I would never have thought to ask about, who would lie about something like that? I never suspected anything. It was so totally bizarre. People asked me how I didn't know, but what would I have done differently? Ask to see his driver's license when we met? I was just a 17 year old kid when we met, never had a relationship before, and he was pretty immature for his age, so I would never have imagined the truth. So yeah that's my one and only break-up story. The one thing I wonder? Dude wanted to get MARRIED in the world's worst way. I would have figured out his date of birth because it has to go on the marriage certificate. How was he going to explain that one???
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  • @LadyMillil thank you for your response. Yikes, I'm wondering if OPKs might not be for me, then :/ Or at least not the ones that aren't for FMU....but I can't afford the ones that are FMU (I don't think Wondfos are?). Hmm! I'll see what I can get from these dollar store ones and do my best to hold as long as possible but 3hrs seems impossible for me :(
  •  @rainbowturtles Sorry I missed your Q yesterday and today. Just wanted to share my experience. I have only done OPKs the last 2 cycles and both cycles I got really good results but this may not be the same for everyone. I bought the cheapies online, they are the Easy@home brand. I take one in the morning with FMU/ SMU and than again in the late afternoon/ evening when I get home from work. The FMU has still given me positive results. It might be best just to give it a try if you are interested and see how it goes. They are pretty cheap anyway, so it can't hurt. :)

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  • @BusinessWife, I never tried prefolds to be honest. My sister and SIL cloth diapered and I loved the cute designs that they had with Rumparooz and Bumgenius, and they both really liked those brands, so my entire stash is those. I followed their lead because they were the only people I knew that CDed. I received most of them as baby shower gifts so that cut back on the cost. The only other type of dipe I have is a few AIOs, which I feel work fine in the 0-6month stage but now they are not absorbent enough anymore and they take forever to dry. I like how with pockets you can add inserts to adjust the absorbility. I don't find stuffing them to be too bad, I only have 28 in my stash so it usually only takes like 10 minutes.As far as the mess of pulling out the insert, I feel like that is one of the least disgusting things I have had to do as a parent, lol.
    I thought I saw someone ask about having an HE washer but now I can't find who it was. I have an HE washer and haven't had any problems after 15 months of CD. I do a prewash in cold water with 1 line of Tide powder, then a regular wash in hot water with a full cap of Tide, and then dry on low heat (except wet bags and pail liners which I hang to dry). Now that DS is on solids I spray or plop the poop off first in the toilet. PUL is still holding up!
    I strongly recommend that anyone considering CD join the Facebook group Fluff Love and CD Science, they have great info and washing troubleshooting and even have off-shoot groups for individual types of washers, also lots of cloth diaper myth-busting.
    Sorry for the novel...I get excited about cloth diapers. 

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  • @rainbowturtles So I personally have never been able to get a morning +, however I am usually able to get an afternoon/evening + even with a short 2ish-3 hour hold! In my experience once I surge even a short hold is enough to pick it up. But I only surge for a short amount of time and once I get that + the next day is super -. Also I am usually able to almost predict my + day based on a trend of increasingly darker tests the day before, so I just test more often after that until I get a +, even if the hold is short.
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    BFP: 5/02/16 - MC: 5/27/16
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  • Cycle/Month: 10/4

    CD: 1 (just started AF today)

    WAYDTGKU: OPKs, HIO daily w/ pre-seed

    R/R: I feel like I'm losing my mind, starting to get really depressed. 


    GTKY: Tell us your worst/best breakup story!  I know everybody's got at least one juicy one... I unfortunately, or fortunately, I guess, don't have one! LOL 
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  • @CTRMommyof4 I'm just heading to bed but wanted to send you my thoughts. I'm so sorry for cd1 <3
  • @rainbowturtles I think this is just one of those things where everyone is different. I rarely hold my pee for more than 2 hours and get 2 days worth of positive Wondfo OPKs. It doesn't matter the time of day for me - they are positive morning and afternoon/evening. Once my surge is over though, the test line gets super light very quickly. I also don't get the fade in that some people see - though that's probably because I don't hold my pee long enough. 
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