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Hi all. I am writing to introduce myself. I have never done IVF before, and am just starting the injectables. Thanks in advance for the comradery and support. 

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  • Good luck to you!
  • Good luck!  Sorry you are going through this.  This is a good place to get support.  Why don't you join us in the August/September ivf thread?  There's a lot of us.  There's also a weekly thread that's been started.
    Me:32 DH:36
    Me: DOR, poor egg quality, MTHFR
    DH: MFI
    TTC since 3/2014
    2015: 3 IUI's-BFN
    12/2015: 1st IVF cycle-(9 follicles retrieved, 5 mature, 3 fertilized w/ICSI, transferred 1 excellent and 1 good embryo on day 3)-chemical pregnancy
    3/2016: 2nd IVF cycle- canceled (3 follicles retrieved, 3 mature, all fertilized w/ICSI, 1 fragmented, 2 arrested) 
    3/2016: RE suggested donor eggs- taking an ivf break and to supplement 
    9/2016: 3rd ivf cycle-cancelled due to early ovulation
    Oct./Nov 2016: 4th ivf cycle- EPP-AFC:5, retrieved 10, 10 mature, 8 fertilized with ICSI, 6 blastocysts biopsied and frozen. 3 CCS normal embryos
    1/9/17: transferred 1 embryo-BFP 1/16
    1/18/17: beta #1-104
    1/20/17: beta #2-174
    2/2/17: first u/s, heartbeat of 107 at 6w1d
    7/20/17: baby boy born at 30+3 via emergency c-section 

  • Best of luck!
    Me: 33, Hubby: 36
    TTC since May 2014
    First RE Appt - September 2015
    DX: Hypothyroid, DOR
    IUI w/ Clomid - October 2015 - BFN
    ER - 2/10/16, 2 Day 3 Embryos
    FET - 4/15/16 - BFN
    Summer 2016 - Taking a break to try herbal treatment and acupuncture
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