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FVL (factor v Leiden)

MC warning!

I have had 2 mc this year within a 6 month time span. I just had blood test run and haven't gotten them all back yet but what I have gotten back so far is that I have factor v Leiden heterozygous. Never had any clotting issues that I am aware of. nurse told me to call her as soon as I know I am pregnant so that she can call me in a RX of lovonex and she can show me how to inject myself, which will be done on a daily basis. My question is how do I go about catching my pregnancy asap so I don't have another mc and I can get started on the injections asap? My first mc was at 9 wk, but no growth since 6 weeks and the second was at 5w5d. I had only known I was pregnant a week then. Any tips? Good luck to you all!

Re: FVL (factor v Leiden)

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  • I don't have Factor V, but my aunt and grandmother do.  My grandmother is 96 (she had my mom, her youngest when she was 40!) and has 4 children.  My aunt is 72 and has 1.  Sharing that to give you hope.  They didn't have the meds back then that you and @Kim41313 have been offered by your doctors.  They didn't even find out they had it until the 80's!

    I can't speak from experience, but would also BBT and test as early as possible until the day of AF, just in case. 

    Good luck!
    **TW kids and loss mentioned**

    -- DS 3.8.14
    -- MC 9.22.16 at 8 wks

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