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Weekend sunshine

Any fun or relaxing plans this weekend??

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Re: Weekend sunshine

  • My bestfriend of 13 years & her H are driving 3 hours into town tonight, & we're meeting up for lunch tomorrow! Wish I could go out tonight, but this sickness is all too real! I know it's not much, but I can't wait to see her & have a kid free afternoon. :#  

  • We went to the outlets today and will probably do the splash pad later. Tomorrow I plan on just sleeping and relaxing all day and then doing a be at night. 

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  • Nothing major or very relaxing. Cleaning and having friends over to watch our friend's UFC fight tonight.

    We have two sleeping beauties in heaven.
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  • Spent the afternoon at the zoo had a fun time.  Then tomorrow I'm gonna spend the day cleaning because the in laws are coming for a week stay starting Monday.  
  • Last night we went to a baseball game for a company outing for H's work. Today I had a jewelry party to go to, that stuff was expensive!!
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  • I'm at The Coldplay concert at Gillette Stadium! Tomorrow will be spent catching up on sleep since we're driving home after the show. 
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  • Well we just finished but we bought a bedroom set today! Tomorrow we are getting keys for our apartment and starting the move in process. I am so excited to have our own place again. Now to buy all the stuff for a pantry and things to clean until our household goods arrive :smiley:  
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    I went to a pool party/bbq at a relative's house today with several families from one side of the family.  Tomorrow we do the same sort of thing again. Monday is a holiday so cleaning and laundry all day! 
  • I had to work until 12 today, but then DH and I went to a woodfire grill and had the best pizza ever. It's our 6 year anniversary today, but we're just kind of hanging out. I had to take a nap cause I got up at 5am.

    Tomorrow we're going out to the lakes to hang out with his family and visit. DD and our pup are gonna be pumped as they both love the water a ton.
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  • We finished painting the downstairs of our house today thanks to my grandparents and my mom. I started the painting process in March all by myself and that was a mistake! I figured out fast it wasn't an easy mission to accomplish without help. That took a good 7 hours so tomorrow I plan and doing absolutely nothing... Maybe some laundry...maybe. 
  • Painting the fvcking blue ceiling in our house. Seriously, the previous owners' taste is the polar opposite of mine. The kitchen alone has a pink wall, blue ceiling, tacky terrible wallpaper on the other walls, and nasty super dark fake-wood-grain cupboards with crown molding. YUCK! I put it off since we bought the place because there were functional issues to fix first but it is going to feel SO good to have a kitchen I can fall in love with again.
  • I was exhausted all day yesterday but today DH and I took our dog to the dog park and then went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for a lunch date. Finally had a little bit of energy and a little less nausea :)
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