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I posted this information on the birth plan board but I figured a new thread would be a good idea and might reach more mamas that might be interested in the materials.

I'm just going to copy what I had written directly below but I did want to add that you should do your research. Each birthing method has its differences. I got wrapped around word choice during labor in hindsight that's TOTALLY my personality too. The finger drop method of hypnobabies works. It takes a lot of practice but it works.

My comments are just my experience. I LOVED doing hypnobirthing babies during pregnancy. My husband and i connected doing it. It helped me sleep and relax overall.

Even if you don't do hypnobabies at all I HIGHLY SUGGEST EVERY mama listen to - pregnancy affirmations. It was amazing to listen to such positive words on my drive to work! I really needed to hear some of those things (ie when dealing with MIL drama questioning my birth plan)

In addition to the pregnancy affirmations there are other good materials in the folder I shared. Ie sample cheat sheets for your birth partners. Meaning an outline of reminders of how they can help you (bc all logic goes out the window when a woman is screaming!! Lol)

Lastly I want to point out that I'm sure the owners of hypnobabies would frown upon me sharing these materials (they cost good $$) So please keep to yourself. Don't share my personal information with anyone outside this group. I will take this public link down closer to the end of our time together on Tb.

(Below from Birth Plan Board)

I'm sure you've done your research but I did hypnobabies last time and will be doing hypnobirthing this time. 

I went to the hypnobabies classes and practiced religiously but it was really hard  for me to use during labor. 

I talked to my doula after (also mother of 4 who has used both) and she said it best -

Hypno babies tells you in the track "you're now feeling....." 

Where in hypnobirthing the track will suggest "try to allow yourself to feel"

She hit the nail on the head for me!! During my last labor using hypnobabies I never felt I was where the track was telling me I should and just ended up with them off. So I'm really excited to use hypnobirthing this time.

Doesn't mean it's for you but thought I'd share! :-)

On another note I LOVE your plan. I'm trying for a water birth round two. Last time we had meconium in the fluid and had to go to the hospital. While I was disappointed I remained flexible enough that it was okay and the hospital staff was amazing... the monitors however enourage me to try again lol!!!

So I did an in person class for the hypnobabies. The woman that first introduced me to hypnobirthing though did it on her own by getting the materials online, and doing homestudy. She RAVED about it. This is also likely my plan bc while I would love to take a class I don't think I'd be able to have weekly childcare for my son.


The only real advice I can give is you REALLY have to commit to almost daily practice. It's a lot more time consuming than I had anticipated. 

Next post.....

I went ahead and organized them as follows: 

1. Scripts - this is the main book
2. Birth partner guide - this is the quick ref booklet and  partner guide
3. Tracks - the actual mp3's
4. A couple cheat sheets for your birth partners

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or issues accessing the materials. Direct email is best  (as I don't consistently get notifications on TB) [email protected]
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