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What baby names are on your list?

Since this is our third time I figured we've been through all the names and it would be easy. No.

For a girl I'm set on Sage Abigail  (my grandfather's name was Albert and went by Ab)

For a boy we loved Sawyer Douglas  (Douglas was my other grandfather who just passed away last year), but there are so many Sawyer's in my newsfeed right now and I don't think I can do it.

Re: What baby names are on your list?

  • Love them both!!! I have a huge list of girls names - I think Paige is in the lead - and hardly any boy names. 
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  • kjd291kjd291 member
    Need to wait and find out the gender to narrow it down.  Too many to choose from. 
  • This will be our first child and I feel like picking a name is so hard!! I want the name to be strong and have a meaning behind it. So far we like Leah for a girl and Aiden, or Keegan for a boy. But we're not 100% sold on them either. Lord help us!
  • HappyhikerHappyhiker member
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    Fun names! I'm loving the old fashioned family names too. For a girl, I like Eleanora, Johanna, Jeanetta. For a boy, John, Stuart, or Gerald/Gary as a middle name. I have no idea what DH thinks of any of this. ;-)
  • We've had our names picked out for a very long time. For a boy we're going with Ethan Michael and for a girl, Adelaide Ann. The first names were my husband's top choices. I was more set on the middle names. Michael for my dad and Ann is my middle name as well as my MIL and my mom. You can't have that many Ann's in one family and not keep it going!
    EDD: 3/3/17
    It's a BOY!! :)
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  • @OctoberLove13 we are going with Gabriel Michael for a boy too! My husbands been wanting that name for a boy since before we even started dating. Not the name I would have chosen but it's still a nice name and biblical like my husband wanted. 

    For a girl we are going with Andriana Pearl. Andriana is the female Greek version of Andreas (Andrew) which is my dads middle name and his birth fathers name. Pearl is the name of my great grandma on my dads side and my new due date is only two days before my ggmas bday, so if it's a girl that'd be perfect coincidence!
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  • We've had these names picked since we had our son 3 years ago! My son is MJ (Michael John jr) so I didn't really get to "pick." My husband always wanted a JR so I agreed. 

    For a girl it will be Taylor Elaine (Elaine was my grandmothers name) and a boy will be Noah Lee (Lee is my dad's name, and my middle name is Leigh)
  • I really love all the names everyone has picked :) Esp. Sawyer and Everett
  • Great names, everyone! And props to you for knowing already. I haven't even started thinking about names. 
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  • @kjd291 I'm with you I need to know gender first! I'm really big on name meanings so even if I think it sounds good, if I don't like the meaning it's out. I have a feeling I'll be reading an entire baby book with a highlighter...
  • We kind of want to stick with J's but aren't totally committed. For boys we like James, Rob, Daniel, or John. A girl will be Josephine. 
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  • @sschapman how about Beaumont?
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    expecting mid-late May 2020

  • Thanks, @yaeger07! That is one I haven't thought of!  Only Beauregard came to mind and it is just not for me.
  • DH suggested Channing. I like for girl or boy. But that may change. 
  • BurrberrymumBurrberrymum member
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    I've started a list.... However I'm planning on waiting until after birth to decide this time. My DD is Autumn Noelle, I want something that goes well but haven't quite found anything I love. Boys names are hard! Since we are team green this time, I'm really loving the unisex names though! One in particular Jasper, but I'm not a huge fan of the names with rising popularity. 
  • @SSChapman  I know two Beau's who are named Bartholomew
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  • Right now I'm liking Joanna Leigh (nn Jojo or Jolie) for a girl and Joseph Henry for a boy. My grandmother is Joan and Leigh is my middle name. Joseph is DH's grandfather figure's name and Henry is a family name on both sides. 
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  • Gabrielle Lynn or Jubilee Lynn for a girl

    Benjamin for a boy. That one is set in stone

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  • We aren't talking seriously about names until after we know the baby's sex. But right now we really like Ivy for a girl and possibly Oliver for a boy, although we are kind of lukewarm on Oliver because of popularity. All the girls on mine and my DH's side have Ann as a middle name, including his mom who has passed away. So we will probably do Ivy Ann.

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  • So our DS has my dad's middle name as his middle name - Kent. If we have a boy for number two it will be Joseph bc that's my husbands/FILs middle name no questions.

    For a girl though..... I thought we'd use my MILs middle name Lynn buuut... our niece's middle name is Lynn after my MIL already. And my niece is the type to take it to her head. (My DS was born on her birthday and she was LIVID - at 16)  I'm undecided if that is enough to deter me from using the name. Alternatively I was thinking my middle name which I love - Rae. But my mom came up wit the name and let's just say my mom was a toxic person unfortunately. I know it's my name and perhaps I should try to add something more positive to it but I'm afraid that I'll think of her often if it's my DDS birthday. 

    Tons of time to consider the options though since I'm team green lol.
  • GG620GG620 member
    I love this thread!
    @kacw1025 our top choice for a girl is Adelaide Wren! Second to that is Avalon Jade.

    We are having more trouble with boy names. So far we like Milo and Liam :smile:

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  • chrlyrchrlyr member
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    I am going to struggle so hard this time. I'm just meh about all names, really. DS is Wesley Emerson, which we came up with and agreed upon within hours of my a/s. I don't see that happening again. 

    I kind of like the nickname Evie (rhymes with Stevie) for a girl. I just don't know what I'd use for the full first name. Evelyn (then will people pronounce it Eh-vie?)? Genevieve? 

    For or a boy, Benjamin is okay. DH has suggested Kenneth (inspired by the name of the lake we were staying at when we conceived), but that is so 70s to me. I vetoed that.
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  • My daughters name is Penelope Rose, Penelope because we like it and Rose was my grandmothers name. For this next baby, a boy will be John Henrik. John is my husbands name and Henrik is some hockey player he likes, lol. I like the name and it makes him happy. If it's a girl she'll be named Juliana Morgan, Juliana was my husbands grandmothers name and Morgan is my maidian name :)
  • @MixedBerries88 what are your thoughts on nicknames?

    @sschapman I know a William that goes by Beau! 

    Set on Cecelia Isabel for a girl. Both maternal grandmothers middle names. 

    Boy proving more difficult! Top contenders are Benjamin, Jacob, William and holding on to Robert but I'm not loving it paired with our last name. 
  • My husband picked the girls name when we started TTC and is firm about it - Eleanor Louise.  I really like the nickname Ellie, but may have preferred Eloise.... I'm not sure.  I'm excited that DH is so passionate about the name, so it's his.  :)
    I have a "feeling" that we are having a boy though, which we've never discussed.  My current ideas are Donovan, Miles & Daniel.
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  • @sschapman I know a William that goes by Beau!

    ****stuck in box****

    Ditto. I know a Beau my age and a baby Beau, and both are formally named William. :)
  • @chrlyr I like Evelyn and Genevieve. I don't think people would mispronunce Evie. 
    DD #1 April 2017
    expecting mid-late May 2020

  • @chrlyr DH really likes the NN Evie too! I wish I could sell him on Genevieve. 

    I'm having a hell of a lot of trouble with girl names. I sort of like Ariel; DH doesn't. He likes Evelyn (Evie), but that feels too popular to me compared to the other two we have (both in the 400s). 

    For boys I like Tobias; DH doesn't. I kind of like Anderson (NN: Anse, Anders), but DS's middle name is already Alexander.

    Naming is going to be a challenge this time around, I can already tell. 
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  • I really like Jane Larkin ( my great grandmothers name) or Harper Madison. DH likes neither of those names naturally. He likes Hannah Katherine which I like those names, It just doesn't have a good flow to me. We both like Samuel David for a boy. We named our DS after both of my Grandpas, and they were old timey names. We both want to stick with a name that's not really heard much these days without our child being teased for such a crazy name. 

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