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  • @Missa0830

    Isn't it cute how they react? When we had our scan the other day, every time the tech would poke, the baby would moon us LOL

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  • I'm jealous of all of you with super clear pictures when they are this small. My last pregnancy I had great ones too so was all excited to get to compare the two but this time my ob has new machines and they are having issues with the settings so the two I've gotten are super fuzzy. Boo. Makes me excited for our anatomy scan at 20 weeks though cause it's on their high tech machine that does awesome.
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  • @mrsstuessy you can see his/her perfect little brain! How cool! I really can't wait to see baby on Monday and see the progress and growth! 
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  • @KirstinH88 Yes you can. We got to see the brain a lot. It is so cool to see the 2 perfect halves with a little line down the middle. And that is baby's hand up by his/her face. The whole thing was so cute!

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  • @mrsstuessy  did you notice our babies do look very similar on the US?? I was scrolling to see new posts and for a second I thought your post was mine :smiley:
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