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Question about natural progesterone cream (child mentioned)

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Hi I am fairly new here and this is my first post so please excuse me if I make any mistakes. I am a mother of a 13yo DD. and have been trying to conceive again for more than 2 years. From my doctor I have learned I don't ovulate often. My cycles could be up to almost 80 days long. I tried clomid for 3 cylces and did not ovulate. Once I stopped clomid I had a 28 day cycle and ovulated. Unfortunately my DH wasnt in town to do the BD with me. That was last year. My progesterone was pretty low so I decided to try natural progesterone cream, in an attempt to find a natural way to kick my ovaries into gear. I have been using it for 3 cycles. (abt 40mg/day divided into two doses) I start it on day 14 of my cycle and I have been having 20 day cycles since. my periods are also much better and only 5 days but 20 days is a fairly short cycle. Does anyone have any success stories or suggestions?

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  • I have a co worker that used it but I don't think she had anything diagnosed other than she was 40 trying for her first. *TW* she had an early mc and then ttc for another couple months with the cream. When she finally got pg her obgyn didn't seem too impressed and she had to ween off the cream. 
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  • I wouldn't use progesterone cream without your doctor's supervision. If you are using the cream before you ovulate then you could actually be preventing ovulation. My RE has be start progesterone 2-3 days after ovulation has been confirmed.

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