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UO Thursday 7/28

dubcompaniondubcompanion member
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How would we like to ruffle feathers this week, friends?


Re: UO Thursday 7/28

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  • meq124meq124 member
    @dubcompanion this!! They have released all the seasons on Roku, but season 3 and on crashes when I try to open it. It's devastating!
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  • @meq124 On Hulu, they have all the seasons but season 1! It makes comparing Heidi's morph into a Barbie doll soooo much harder! I'll check out Roku for the missing season, and you can use Hulu to watch season 3. That's a priceless season. I think that's the one where Audrina is all over Justin Bobby. I wonder if he'll be part of the reunion.
  • meq124meq124 member
    @chrlyr I agree with @dubcompanion. It's going to come. We are all kind of feeling things out at this point, but my ability to deal with bs is getting smaller by the day. I will say that part of why I am treading lightly because there have been boards recently that have had trolls pop up with the sole purpose of getting people banned. Kind of pathetic if you ask me.
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  • @meq124 That reminds of one BMB I was reading where a poster blocked so many people that she was making duplicate threads. The people she'd blocked (a large number of them) would comment on her threads like, "I know you can't see this, but this is pathetic. And it's made our entire board a mess because of all the duplicate topics." Not as severe as baiting to report them and get them outright banned, but still just as ridiculous.

    After seeing things like that, I can't help but wonder what's in store for our quiet BMB. 
  • I do miss a little snark.

    UO I've never gotten into ticker change or symptoms posts. I imagine most people skip over other people's replies and just post their own.  

    Not a big deal for me to skip over, but I've just never really gotten it. 
  • meq124meq124 member
    @dubcompanion that's the BMB I have in mind. It was a hot mess!! 
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  • NurseMama said:
    I do miss a little snark.

    UO I've never gotten into ticker change or symptoms posts. I imagine most people skip over other people's replies and just post their own.  

    Not a big deal for me to skip over, but I've just never really gotten it. 
    Yes. There are SO many replies in those posts but very few comments in others. I kind of feel like why am I going to read and/or care about your puking if you aren't participating elsewhere? 
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  • chrlyrchrlyr member
    @howdthathappen Totes! 

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  • chrlyrchrlyr member
    I don't see a problem with having a symptoms thread. The speshul snowflaykes who need separate threads for their symptoms are a different story (not talking about spotting or other concerning symptoms) ... 
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  • I don't see the need for myself to bond specifically with someone based on the day they move to the next week, but that's just me and totally fine if others enjoy it. 

    True about the symptoms. I'd rather it be in one spot so I can skip over it all at once haha
  • @dubcompanion I have totally gone back in the symptoms thread to see if other people had experienced what I was feeling too!  I completely agree with everything you said!

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    For the record, I don't have anything against the posts, I was just agreeing that they don't really interest me. At least not now. Probably more so when the group gets whittled down and people know each other better. To each their own. 
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  • meq124 said:
    I'm having a hard time ignoring all the repeat threads that are popping up. My snarky a-hole self wants to pipe in, but I am trying to hold it together. But, come on. Look before you post or add it to the random thread.
    @meq124 I might love you a little bit then cuz I been around the bump wayyyyyyyyy to long and the amount of rainbows and puppies is driving me NUTS!  I mean I don't need drama but I do need common sense and rational thought on some things. 
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  • meq124meq124 member
    @AverageAsh I love your snarky posts! Don't think they are going unappreciated!
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  • I have no desire to do the week by week belly photo sessions I see all over the place.  :o
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  • Kiki75 said:
    @chrlyr @dubcompanion @meq124  This is what's in store for our board! I'm sure of it!
    80s rainbow unicorn

    A girl can dream, right? :) While I could do with a little more snark, I am perfectly content to just get it from lurking other boards and watching the chaos. It's kind of like how it's fun to go to a rager at someone else's house and then just come home to your own tidy little place.
    ^^best description ever
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  • @kjd291 every single time I'm all

    and then I'm all

  • chrlyr said:
    This board has been so drama-free that it's somewhat disconcerting. Not that I want drama (although it does bring out some fantastic gifs), but I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. It always does. 
    All bmb are like that at first :)
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  • Generic SNs bug me. It's damn near impossible to tag you, Knottie867530924601.
    Usernames with spaces in them also annoy me since they're not taggable.
  • Gators&BoSoxGators&BoSox member
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    @RunBooRun I totally agree this olympics is going to be an effing nightmare. Whoever picked Brazil needs to get voted off the planet

    Also, I hate cats. Never been a fan.
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