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Creative In-Person Announcement Ideas?

Hey all, we're visiting family in the next few weeks and are looking for some creative ways to announce the news!  I know a lot of folks announce on social media with cute photos but I'm interested in hearing how you're announcing news in person to family.  Anyone getting really creative with it?  In the past we've done the "big sibling" t-shirts but I want to get really fun this time since it'll be the last time around.

Re: Creative In-Person Announcement Ideas?

  • Fro my in laws we gave them a pacifier with a "Coming in March 2017" tag attached. It took them a minute but they got it.

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  • Telling my in laws this weekend. They are building a coastal house, so I bought baby water shoes and we're going to say, "we got these for the new place!" and give the shoes to them 
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  • We told my parents already. We sent DS into the living room with his new book "What Brothers Do Best" and told them that he had a new book he wanted them to read with them. They freaked! They are so excited! The weekend before, my sister announced to them by picking them up from the airport with my nephew in a big brother tshirt! The videos of both announcements are so special!

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  • How old are your other kids? Could you have them act/draw it out in a family game of pictionary or charades?
  • We got our daughter the "I'm a big sister" book and had her bring it to my dad and ask him to read to her.
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  • With my parents we bought them a 'birthday present'. It was a picture of me in a frame and on the outside I wrote "two in the frame". (We wanted to do a pic of both of us for 'three in the frame' but we had no one to take the picture).
  • We're telling both sides this weekend. Both of our moms have August birthdays that are being celebrated this weekend. Not super creative, but we're planning on signing the card with our names plus "Baby XX due in March" and are going to be waiting for their reactions. That way our moms can share with everyone else there!
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  • I was thinking of doing something like this for my parents.  This will be their first grandbaby.  (Sorry if huge, on the app)
    For in-laws, they just bought a new house with a pool, so we are going to give them a "housewarming gift" of a baby life jacket.  Also their first grandbaby.
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  • Also adding: I expect all the tears.  
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