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Ovulating and DH has to work out of town

What a kick in the balls.  DH is working on a project out of town that either has him staying overnight or gets him home so late I'm either already asleep or about to be.  This is the second week with this client.  When he told me about this job I said, "No!  You can't!  You need to be home at least at the end of the week."  He said, "What am I supposed to do?  Tell them you're ovulating?"  YES!  What do I care!  LOL.

Ladies, tips on handling those "missed opportunity" days?  It's looking like this month could be a bust, and I'm not happy about it.  But what can you do?   :/ *le sigh*  

Re: Ovulating and DH has to work out of town

  • @Schmoopie1 Tell that man to drive his butt home even if its late and stay up and do it. It doesn't have to be romantic maybe some naughty messages through the day so you are both worked up enough it can be quick and then off to sleep for you both ;)
  • @Schmoopie1 We had a similar thing this month, but I was the one who had to travel. When I got home I was exhausted. Sexy time was not the first thing on my mind, but we did our best anyway. I just knew I'd be so disappointed if we didn't at least try. 
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  • krys-2krys-2 member
    Sounds like you can still make it work even if it isn't the most fun or convenient. I was in Asia last cycle for work, so there was no way around that one LOL
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  • Lurker from BOTB here- We'll be TTC next cycle and I anticipate encountering this problem regularly, as DH has a project that keeps him out of town Tuesday-Thursday most weeks. Here's hoping I pretty much never ovulate on Thursdays I guess!!
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  • My OH works away all week.  I don't know how far away your man is, but I do make that drive to his hotel about 120 miles away.  Did it night before last, as a matter of fact.  I find that it's a little naughty fun, too...we call it filthy hotel sex even though it's not much different.  I do send him little texts here and there, like this gif:

    He's gone every week, so I schedule time when I think FW will be and go visit.  I'm fortunate enough to have available vacation time to take so that I'm there two nights and one day, although this last time was literally driving there after work and driving straight to work in the morning.  Totally worth it to feel like we gave this cycle our all...

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  • I feel your pain! My DH is gone 2 weeks out of every month and timing always sucks. PP had great ideas to go visit him if you are able. Luckily my DH is within driving distance and we will rent a hotel every once in a while. It's actually kind of nice to be with him somewhere different. I hope everything works out for you!
  • Absolutely.  He was able to make it home every night, albeit late and inconvenient but it did the job, so to speak :smiley:  Can't be mad at that.  
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