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Prenatal section pharmacy

Looked in both walmart and target and can't seem to find a prenatal section 

is that even a thing? 

I picked up prenatal vitamins but was looking for other prenatal random like stretch mark prevention for belly and couldn't find where it was located 

pregnancy brain has started so not sure if I'm blind or it doesn't exist 

Re: Prenatal section pharmacy

  • I think you can find that in the lotions and skin care area. I don't think there's a dedicated prenatal/pregnancy area usually.
  • My Target has a smal part in the pharmacy area with preggo pops /vitamins ect. I haven't really looked at it lately.

    For stretch marks I use homemade body butter (Coconut Oil/Cocoa Butter/Sunflower Oil/Vit.E). Nice and moisturizing!
  • Thanks for both of your help - I felt lost today and ended up with just regular cocoa butter 

    Might have to try that body butter @LaurenAshley04 and sup up my cocoa butter a bit
  • My last pregnancy I just used Bath & Body Works body cream with Shea butter to help with itching and stretch marks. I only ended up getting a few around my belly button toward the end when I really swelled up. 
  • Check the baby area too because they may have a small section devoted to mom care
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  • I used Evoli. It's an all natural shea butter cream. Not a single stretch mark...


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  • At Target that kind of stuff is mixed in with like kind items (vitamins, lotions, womens care) and also in the aisle with the diaper rash cream in the baby section and sometimes over by the pumps and bottles. I didn't get any stretch marks with my first and with my second I got some but they didn't show up until right at the very end on the underside of my bump. I was told some people are prone to them and you either get them or you don't. Your skin does get dry and itchy so lotion is a good thing. I used Mederma on mine after birth and they faded really quickly, you can't even see them anymore. I got them during puberty so I wasn't surprised I got them during pregnancy.

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