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Clomid question

I may be starting clomid soon and was just curious how often ultrasounds are needed during treatment, if needed at all? I'm just concerned about missing work. My RE has not yet confirmed that this is the plan, but she seems to be leaning that way.....I'm just curious to know what others have done. Thanks! 

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  • I'd say to expect to do anywhere from 3-6 ultrasounds from the start of your period until your IUI/TI. Most clinics open fairly early to accommodate those who work. You should find out your clinics earliest appointment time.
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  • Thank you! 
  • Most months I only need 1 ultrasound, and for me that is on CD 11. Once I needed to go back for another since there were no mature follicles at CD 11. My doctor's office does ultrasounds from 7:30-9:00 AM every day, which has meant that if anything, I am just a few minutes late for work.

    Other than that, I usually go in for a progesterone check (blood test) on or around CD 20, which could probably be done before work if you have 9-5 hours. Fortunately I haven't had to spend much time out of the office with this protocol. 
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  • Good to know, thank you for your input!
  • When I first started fertility treatments and was put on Clomid we did one mid cycle ultrasound on day 14. But my follies weren't maturing so I ended up having to do 1 or 2 more within the same cycle. It all really depends on your clinic and your body. I'm sure they can work with you so you don't have to miss too much work. 
  • When doing Femara, Clomid's less intense sister, I was scheduled for two ultrasounds - one for baseline and one for follicle growth before the trigger. 
  • Thank you :)
  • I had one on CD4 (first cycle) or CD 3 (second cycle), then took the Clomid for 5 days, then had another on CD12.  My follicles were ready, so they had me trigger that night and the IUI was CD14.  If my follicles hadn't been mature on CD12, they would've brought me in for another u/s on CD 13-14, and every day or two til the follicles matured.

    So basically, it depends.

    That said, my clinic was great about getting me in for first thing in the morning, 7am appointments, so I could just be like half an hour late to work rather than missing a whole day for an 11am appointment or something (I work an hour from home/clinic).  And the appointments were always quick, MAYBE half an hour from the time I walked into the office til when I walked out the door.
  • @Sasha29 I work and live an hour away from the clinic like you, that's why I'm so concerned about missing work. Thanks for the response!
  • My first Clomid and IUI cycle with my RE was not typical. I didn't have a baseline scan but did Clomid cd 3-7, had first ultrasound on CD 10, another cd 12, another cd14 and another on cd 15. Finally triggered on cd 15 and had IUI on cd 17. My RE was surprised my follicles were so slow to grow. 
     My appt times were all over the place but I am a retail manager so I was able to adjust my schedule. My RE does 7 day a week appts if needed which helped as I had a Sat and Sun ultrasound that cycle. He is also a single Dr practice.
     That cycle was a bfn but we upped my Clomid to 100 mg and I was ready by my cd 12 ultrasound the next two cycles. Both bfn but we are dealing with MFI. 
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