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Working Mamas: Can we talk about daycare costs for a minute?


Re: Working Mamas: Can we talk about daycare costs for a minute?

  • meq124meq124 member
    @jlotero you found a good deal! I am in the same area and we settled on a not super expensive daycare that was $1500/mo for one. 
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  • anonellis said:
    I'm a FTM, but @yaeger07 this thread is making me want to cry too.  I'm in NYC and daycare costs in my neighborhood for a year-round program for an infant are 30k/year...and I'm having twins.  They have discounts for multiple kids, but it's a pretty slight discount...

    I have to assume it would be cheaper to pay a full time nanny, but I'm interested to hear how much more nannies typically charge for 2 kids vs. 1.  It can't be double...can it? 
    NYC here, too. We pay $450 per week for 1 child in a lovely in-home daycare. For two children it becomes equal to full time nanny. The childcare centers around me approach $30k per kid, annually.
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  • Meant to add- the two working twin moms I know do have nannies (vs daycare). 
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  • We started scoping out day area about 7 months before LO arrived.  Costs were running $250 per week for an infant.  Dropped slightly when a toddler and when there was more than one.  In the end, my sister in law, a stay at mom, offered to keep DS for $150 per week.  DH and I both work full time.  I do work from home two days per week and keep DS home with me at least one of those days.  We know she is willing to keep 2nd baby for us but we haven't discussed cost yet. I will probably ask at the daycare we considered and then go close to that figure.  
  • We live kind of in southeastern PA and my daughter goes to day care in the Pre K room at a local day care for $41/day. Right now she's going 3 days/week with grandparents taking the other two, and I think it would be discounted slightly for full time. Grandparents watched her full time until she was about 2 when she was demanding to be around other kids (and she should be) so we didn't have to budget for infant cost. Just for shiggles, I asked the director what it would cost for an infant at the center, and she said $50/day part time or $240/week full time. This center includes all diapers, wipes, formula if desired, and then Cheerios, puffs, etc. 2 meals and 2 snacks are provided for toddlers and up. So that's all a plus but still, at the end of the month that's another mortgage, especially with multiple children on the bill.
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  • I live in CT and for our 2 year old (will be 3 next month) we currently pay for full-time daycare $820/biweekly.  This is full service (breakfast, lunch and snack included).  When he was younger his formula, diapers, wipes were included as well.  Trying to prepare ourselves for the added cost of second child but he soon will be ready for kindergarten so public school savings will be awesome!! :-)
  • I live in the middle of nowhere in Georgia. It's $93 a week for my toddler. They've offered us 10% off for baby. If you travel even an hour away, the prices are ridiculous. 
  • For my first I did a lot of research.  I live in NJ and we lucked out and got a place that's 800 a month but doesn't change as they get older.  Most places around here are 1200-1500 a month.   The hours def are worse at mine but we made it work for the cost savings.  When I go into NYC weekly I have to leave at 4 so I can make it back for the 6 pm closing.  Lucky for flexible bosses! 
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  • Ugh. We are in the DC area, so everything is uber expensive. About a year ago, I created a spreadsheet just so we'd have an idea of costs and the places I found were anywhere from $1600 to $2500 a month for an infant. We are just starting to realistically consider our options and starting the serious search process. 

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  • This is going to make me sound more than a little crazy but I picked a daycare and put us on the waiting list before we had even conceived! The place I have my heart set on has a 12-18 mo waiting list and I didn't want to take any chances. I'm in Memphis and for infants this center is around $240/wk. On the expensive side for the area but worth it IMO. 
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  • @yaeger07 I'm right outside of boston too near lexington and concord (for non locals that is $$$$$) and I ended up quitting my job because it would be about an even trade and that didn't sit well with me. We're not rich we are just stationed here lol 
  • Daycare is very location and amenity driven, ours is "in home" , but the owner brought a four floor home and renovated two floors into two separate schools.  
    The kids do 3 languages plus sign language from entry and have a full on cirriculum year round (is registered with the state as a legitimate school) and the ratio is great 3 teachers to 10 kids.  
    They also cover school vacation and summer break for older kids so our school age son goes there during the year as well with our two toddlers.  
    But it's costly our daycare is $310 weekly per child :-(  
    BUT we know the owner thank goodness so ultimately we pay 300 something a month and we donate school supplies at the start of the year and volunteer for field trips and any family things that need.
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  • Currently pay $1600/month for DS1 (still in infant room so it's more expensive). Will pay close to $3,000/month once #2 starts at daycare.
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