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Confusing second line on drug store test

So my husband and I had unprotected sex 4-5 days before I ovulated and I know those little guys can live up to 5 days. Well I think I am 10 dpo and the only thing I have been having so far is very tired and thirsty and also a few spots of my breasts hurt when I touch them. Also my cm normally dries up after ovulation, but I am still pretty wet down there. I took a first response yesterday and a drug store test. Both negative. I took another first response and drug test this morning and the first response was negative. The drug test looked negative at first, but then I decided to shine a light across it to see if I could look at it better. When I did this a very clear second line showed up. I didn't shine it under it, just across the test. I tried shining it across the first drug test I took and there was nothing at all there. I looked at the one I just took again and the line was very much there. Not sure what to think right now  :/  Going to test tomorrow and see if it darkens. Has anyone else had this happen?


  • What type test are they pink or blue?
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