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PMS symptoms, long cycle, no AF

Hi everyone,

I'm new here and looking for some advice. I've searched some of the old threads, but didn't really find what I was looking for. I apologize in advance if this has come up before. 

A little background- my DH and I just started trying a week and a half ago,. My cycles are usually long and irregular- anywhere from 30ish days- 45 days. My doc. did some blood tests and nothing of concern came up. However, I have a strong feeling that there is some sort of hormonal imbalance going on since I've never had regular cycles. Anyway, back in February and March, I charted (temped, checked CF and position) to see if I was even ovulating. According to my temp. shift, I ovulated on day 29 and AF came 14 days later for the first cycle. The second cycle, I ovulated on day 22 and AF came 12 days later. 

I haven't charted since, but I plan on as soon as my next cycle starts which brings me to my concerns. On July 18th I started getting my normal PMS symptoms. Even though I haven't been charting, I expected my period last week just based on the length of my last few cycles and the fact that my longest of 44 days only happened once. I usually get symptoms a few days before AF starts- never more than a week beforehand. I still have symptoms, but AF still hasn't showed up. My question is, do PMS symptoms have anything to do with ovulation? Could I still get symptoms if I didn't ovulate  this cycle? And, will I still get my period if I didn't ovulate this time around? I'm wondering now if I should start charting now instead of waiting for my next cycle to begin because it seriously feels like AF isn't coming and I don't know when my next cycle would even start.

Thank you in advance for any opinions. Having irregular cycles is really frustrating as I'm sure many of you know firsthand. 

Re: PMS symptoms, long cycle, no AF

  • Honestly, I think your best options is to just start charting. It may help to find out where you are in your cycle based off you previous charts. Although your body could have change things since then but if it hasn't you will have a better idea.
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    Definitely start charting. Your questions are impossible to answer without charting, I'm afraid :( The only thing I can say is yes, you can have a period without ovulating - for instance, if your body tries to ovulate and the follicle turns into a cyst. 

    If your cycles are always that long and you think you aren't ovulating, ask your gyno the next time you are in about PCOS. 

    Good luck!

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  • The crappy thing about cycles is, no two are the same. Charting would certainly be beneficial to you at this stage. Ask your doctor, demand, that they go over your blood test results with you. And make sure you are seeing an OB to do that. PCP's are great, but it's not there level of expertise. My PCP is my gyno and for years she told me I was fine when I asked about unwanted facial hair growth. As soon as I saw an OB, she pointed out the hair growth, and ran tests. Sure enough, PCOS. I'm not saying you have it, but it's definitely worth looking into with an expert! GL! 

  • Thanks for the replies. I have been concerned about PCOS for a long time. Other than long cycles, I don't have other symptoms that I know of, but I haven't had an ultrasound. The doctor I was referring to in my earlier post is an OBGYN. I've only seen her once and had to wait almost 6 months for the appointment. I selected her because her "specialty" is hormonal imbalances including PCOS.

    When I had my appointment she did bloodwork and called to tell me that it was all normal. I also told her about my irregular and often long cycles. She asked if I got PMS symptoms, which I always do before AF, and she said that usually indicates ovulation. I've recently requested a copy of the bloodwork and should be receiving that this week. 

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