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OTC chlomid?

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Has anyone tried the generic chlomid you can get without a prescription? Just curious if anyone has tried with success or known someone who has. 
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I was told by my OB in October of last year that I would be on it by the next cycle if I didn't get a positive because bloodwork showed my progesterone levels were low  but I ended up getting a positive. I miscarried in January and DH and I have been TTC since (after waiting for normal cycle to return). So not sure how to do the math with including the short pregnancy and my cycle to return back to normal but we started trying 13 months ago. I read all over online that you can get generic chlomid without a prescription. Normally I wouldn't even bother to consider getting it with out a prescription but my husband got a new job in the end of January and we relocated in March. So our new insurance kinda sucks when it comes to fertility help. I would have to get all new bloodwork which took 3 cycles last time and I haven't nailed down an OB yet. Not to mention new insurance would require me to pay for all that lab work this timeIt crushes me to think I will have to wait like another 6 months to establish a new OB, convince them I need help, go through bloodwork and then have them prescribe me chlomid. So I'm considering going for it. Any thoughts? 
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Re: OTC chlomid?

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    did not mean to post this part. Mobile app is rough. 

    Me: 27
    DH: 28
    Married: August 2010
    LO: July 2012
    TTC #2 since: May 2015

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    You can have your old OB send your records to whatever OB you decide on. That way you might not have to wait for a new OB to get around to testing. 

    Also, if your progesterone is low Clomid really won't help with that. Clomid is all about getting your follicles to a good size and actually releasing like needed. Progesterone is one of the hormones that will help support a pregnancy through at least the 1st tri.
    You can get several different kinds of progestrin (man made synthetic progesterone) that should help with your low progesterone. 

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