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March moms healthy diet and fitness

March moms - I NEED to lose this pregnancy weight. I'm currently 16lbs heavier than I was pre pregnancy and have had to buy bigger clothes recently. I am really happy in myself but I have been snacking on quick sugars instead of eating proper meals and then I get so mad at myself as I then get easily tired after the sugar crash ( especially as I'm breastfeeding ). As of tomorrow I am going to turn a new leaf and try and start REALLY eating better, no more sneaky cans of soda every few days, no more cookies or quick snacks,just better clean eating ( which was easy pre pregnancy ) and back feeling in good condition instead of tired and running out of energy!
Any of you that have already figured out a good eating or exercise regime I would love to hear your tips and input, anyone wanting to do this for yourself, I'd love for us to check in every few days and support each other. I am doing this for me and as a personal challenge that I have set myself. I am in no way into the body shaming stuff and I am not about checking the weighing scale every day to reach a magic number - my journey is one to get me feeling great on the inside and knowing that I am taking care of my body properly. Wish me luck and anyone that wants to do this for themselves let us help each other out ! 

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  • So I'll be honest, I'm currently scarfing down peach cobbler like its my job and I have a sweet tooth that I still haven't been able to kick. I need tips and tricks and support myself. Buying bigger clothes was a bit more upsetting than I'd like to admit. 

    When I'm on track and eating right, I meal prep. If you prepare to not fail, it makes it easier to say no to quick snacks. I grill a few chicken breasts and chop and wash lettuce and veggies to throw together quick salads. Boiling eggs is always a good snack. I love Ezekiel bread so I'll do a slice of that toasted with tomato and avocado for breakfast. I always have celery and carrots on hand and fresh fruit. And sometimes that fruit ends up in a cobbler because life is short. 

    What I'm struggling with is exercise. I really need to get a gym membership because it's hot as hell in the south and I can't run outside. So anyone who has ideas PLEASE! I suck at doing workout videos. 
  • I am with you ladies! Have about 15 lbs to lose still. Still can't shake the sugar cravings either. Breastfeeding is hard too because I feel like I am always starving and so thirsty! I drink like 200oz of water a day and eat probably a ton of calories because when I don't my supply goes down to nothing. So that's hard. I want to do better though, I'm tired of feeling like crap because I don't eat clean. I have pretty much given up on going to the gym because I'm a single mom, working and going to school full time. I would like to start some at-home workouts when I can though. 
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    I downloaded an add called Noom, it helps you set goals and track calories. I'm not counting the calories per se but seeing just how much is in each thing is really helping me to curb high fat foods. So far I'm doing good, not eating added sugars but I'm having such crazy cravings.
    Its averaging 103 every day right now here, so I'm also a little unwilling to run outside right now but I have been walking 2 miles around the park in the mornings. I know it's not much but it's something, dang heat. I did find a diet and exercise plan that seems pretty legit - I know I don't have time to stick to it 100%. It's the Kayla Itsines diet and exercise routine 
  • I 2nd the meal planning.  Even if i'm just mentally planning what I'm going to eat that day, that helps.  My husband is all about tracking calories and it worked well for him, he lost 40lbs doing that, but with 4 kids I definitely don't have time for that.  I cut out calories from drinks and I'm *trying* to only have dessert on weekends.  I've also noticed that when I feel the urge to snack its usually because I'm thirsty, so I try to drink a glass or two of water before snacking.  
    As far as working out it's just something you have to decide is a priority.  Don't spend time thinking about whether or not you should workout today.  You will ALWAYS find a reason not to.  Just pick a time and get into the habit of doing it.  Also don't get in the mindset that a 30 minute workout isn't worth your time.  I tend to think that if I can't get in a really challenging workout then I might as well not do anything, which is definitely not true, especially if you are just starting to get back in shape.  
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  • I agree that planning meals and making exercise of any form a priority are key. I can always sweet talk myself into starting tomorrow. That tomorrow will never come. Even is it's crazy hot out, you can make time early in am or late at night to walk or run just a couple miles. It adds up. I hate workout videos but I found that Kayla Itsines workout plan I can follow (it's a book, not video). 
    I run early in am somewhere between 5-7 am depending on the day. Sometimes it's a walk. At times it's 6+ miles and sometimes it's just a mile. I started doing Kayla Itsines but was very sick for over two weeks so have to start again. I noticed a huge difference. Best of all ...curbed all my late night cravings. I do that after kids are in bed around 8pm. I also walk at lunch 2-3 miles almost every day at work. I just make it a priority and the results show instantly. Also, it mentally really helps to know that the next two three months I'm getting the best help ever by nursing this kid. Soon he'll start eating solids so it won't be quite as easy as now. 

  • @mshukh so I just googled Kayla Itsines and spent like an hour looking at her website and Instagram.. And now I really wanna try he app she released! Let me know how it works for you!
  • I heard mixed reviews about the app but I'll let you know. So far I love it but I'd love to report back in a couple months :)

  • I ended up not doing the app and just going with her ebook materials. So excited! 
  • @annawestt let me know how it goes! I'm on week three pre-training and it's a killer but I love it so far.

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