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Did you use a known sperm/egg donor? Can we ask you some questions?

DearHusband01DearHusband01 member
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Hi there, my wife and I are TTC, but we have a question for new parents. We found out that I have azoospermia and can't have biological children. So we are considering using a known donor.

But there are so many questions about what this path will look like. So we're looking for people who have done it in order to speak to them.

If this is you, could you let us know if we could PM you some questions? Or if you just want to leave some comments about your experience, that would be great. Either would be a gigantic help for a life altering decision for us.

Thank you!

Re: Did you use a known sperm/egg donor? Can we ask you some questions?

  • I know nothing about this, but I hope you posted this also on the infertility board. I've heard they are amazingly helpful!
  • I did, thank you for the recommendation. I just wasn't sure where to find people who were already well into raising their child, so we could learn what it's like more down the line.
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  • I have also seen some donor-related posts on the LGBT board. 

    Good luck! 
  • bkrahnbkrahn member
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    My husband and I conceived with a donor! Feel free to inbox me!
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