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No ovulation after trigger shot?

Im worried I didn't ovulate! My temperature didn't go up until 5 days after my trigger which was the day after I started progesterone so I assume the rise was due to the progesterone. I asked the doctor and she said if I triggered I can assume I ovulated. But I'm not so sure.... Has anyone had an experience like this?

Re: No ovulation after trigger shot?

  • I've always wondered about that myself.  Like, how do they know the trigger worked? So I'm afraid I have no helpful insight because I've never charted my temps but just wanted to say I've had the same question myself. Hopefully someone can answer our question. :)
  • I did a Google search and this article came up. It's from TB. LOL.  This might help.
  • Thanks for sharing that! It kind of sucks because a progesterone test won't be accurate due to the supplements so really unless you get pregnant, you don't know if you actually ovulated. 
  • It's so annoying. Hang in there! :)
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