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Sneezy baby

My 7 week old LO woke up this morning congested. She's been sneezing a lot and lots of clean mucus coming out. The only thing I can think of that caused this is last night we left the AC running along with a fan because it was really hot in our house. 

No no fever thank god, she's still a very happy baby, but could this be a cold? Has this happened to anyone else? Called my doctor and they said run the humidifier and use saline drops. So far it's been helping I guess. She's been sleeping all morning as well. Hopefully rest helps 

Re: Sneezy baby

  • I've always had congested babies the saline spray is the best thing I've found that works and a diffuser at night helps my older boys do I'll use if she gets worse. I try to remember to spray her nose out before her bedtime bottle since she usually gets congested around then. She also sneezes but she's been like that since she got home.
  • My LO is just getting over all of what you described.  Dr. said it was a basic cold and that all we could do was run the humidifier and use saline drops (these being the most effective).  I invested in the Nose Freida and suctioned him out before nap times and put a few drops in before feeding.  Honestly I think I had a congested baby for close to a month... No fun!  He sounded piggy and awful all the time and I was a wreak.  Anyways my best advice with the saline is to use a bit more than you think.  I took him to urgent care to be aspirated once and they used what I would describe as a copius amount of saline, but it really did the trick and don't suction too much because it could cause a bloody nose.

    Good luck to you!!
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    We are going through the exact same thing right now. LO is sneezing a lot and congested just praying it allergies. All I've been doing is nose Frida, saline and I'm going to use the humidifier tonight. What area do you live in? Just asking because my whole family has had terrible allergies this past month and were in Houston. 
  • I am located in WI.  Humidity has been awful, but that should actually be good for allergies...According to the Dr.'s I visited during LO's congestion they said it is generally too early for LO to have allergies, but you know since I am not a dr. I do not totally believe them  ;)

    Honestly my DH & I were thinking it may be the cradle the LO was using.  It is a vintage cradle that was bought for me when I was an infant (I know, I just called myself vintage, but the thing is 35 yrs old).  It had been recently residing in the basement and we were thinking maybe it had some kind of mold...I mean we cannot definitely say that, but we have put it away now just to be on the safe side.  We use the pack n play in our room now instead.  

    Good Luck to everyone with sniffly babies.  I feel your pain.  I once just sat on the edge of the bed and watched my baby sleep for a straight hour during the time he was congested...becoming a mom definitely makes you do some crazy stuff.  Oh and Sneezing is a good thing...helps break all the crud up instead of it just sitting there.
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