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Daytime drama-crappy napper

DS is almost 7 weeks now... We are really struggling with a daily schedule. It seems like we are constantly stuck in this pattern where he acts like he's starving, I feed him, he falls asleep in the middle of the feed, so I try to wake him up by burping, changing his diaper, talking, laying him down, etc. I can't get him to stay awake for the life of me. After the feeding, which I have struggled through for like an hour trying to keep him awake to get enough, I put him down to nap. Then he will wake up 20 to 30 minutes later wanting to eat again. I feel like this cycle is going to make me lose my mind. I constantly worry that he's not eating or sleeping enough but I don't know how to fix it. On top of that, around 5 every evening he fusses and wants to eat until bedtime, usually 9 or so, but he keeps pulling off and crying. I know this it's normal fussiness but it's been weeks and it's not going away. He sleeps ok at night usually and has plenty of wet and dirty diapers but I just can't handle this cycle. I can't get anything done and can barely take care of dd, she plays by herself most of the day. 

So how do I go about setting up a schedule and stopping this madness?  :s

Re: Daytime drama-crappy napper

  • I felt like DS was a bad napper, because he was so hard to get down during the day and would fall asleep during nursing just like you described.  Today I tried doing exactly what I do during the night right after a feeding (swaddle with arms out and put him right in the bassinet) and he fussed for a few minutes and then went to sleep!  I think I was keeping him up too long after feedings and he was getting over tired.

    Also yesterday we caved and bought a swing because there are times when I do need to put him down to cook/do housework or things for our four year old.  I'm hoping that helps for the times when he just wants to be held or comfort nurse.  I wouldn't mind comfort nursing him all evening, but things need to get done!
  • Have you tried going outside to get him to wake up? My LO perks right up when we go outside. You could also set up a blanket outside and bring a bouncer out with you if you have one and then you could also play with your daughter. I'm lucky in the having two boys so they play with each other while I feed my LO and when I put her down for naps. But I'm also trying to have 1 play date a week for my boys so they aren't stuck at home or going to the park with just me or dad.
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  • The eat, wake, sleep routine explained in On Being Baby Wise has been a life saver for me with my non-napper. Worked wonders with my first also, but he was basically born a good sleeper. She doesn't nap for long or very consistently, but it has helped me know when she's actually hungry and needs to be fed, and when she's just tired or wanting comfort.
  • I agree with @RMLandy. It's worked really well for us with a few exceptions, like cluster feeding and today when nap time is non-existent. But most of the time it's been really helpful and allowed us to try and plan when we can easily get out of the house for a bit.
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  • I just don't know how to do the baby wise when he's eating every 2 hours, sometimes less. He usually eats for 30 to 40 minutes, and like I said, he always falls asleep. So I would try to wake him up but he won't unless I put him down and then he's not happy at all. He hates the swing and the rock n play. The only way I can do anything is to put him in the i k'tan and then he will finally fall asleep but he always gets a heat rash because he's so hot. I'm going to order a mei tai from Amazon and try that. I just don't understand why he's falling asleep at every feeding, it seems like the sleepy newborn stage would be done by now
  • How do you know that he's not getting enough when he falls asleep during the feeding?  If he's eating for 30-40 minutes, it seems like that may be enough.  Another user said that her son ate 3oz in 5 minutes on a weighted feed, and my daughter has shorter feeds sometimes but seems completely satisfied.  I'm wondering if you let him sleep when he falls asleep a time or two, would he stay asleep for a while longer and then feed longer the next time he wakes?  Unless I'm misinterpreting your concern.  Also, my nephew was very sleepy until around 8 weeks or so.  
  • Well I guess he's not technically eating that whole time, a lot of the time he's sleeping and I'm trying to wake him up to finish. But you still may have a point. I will give it a try tomorrow. Trying to remember that everything is a phase and it will be over before I know it, but man it's hard!
  • Oh I see.  I thought it was that long of straight eating.  Follow your instincts, for sure, and the Babywise plan is great as a guideline for establishing a schedule, but with my LO sometimes it makes things easier for us all if I follow her lead.  For example, she was fussy in the evenings from like 5 onward, and I would feed her once in the beginning and then kept delaying feeding her until like 7:30 or 8 so I could put her down to bed, and then I had an epiphany that even if I feed her more before that time, she would still go down to bed just not eat as much but be full from the earlier feedings just as long.  Anyway, it is all so hard and just a constant learning process!
  • My LO does this too she sleeps almost all day after she's awake 1-2hrs in the morning. Then in the evening she nurses every 30 min from 5-her 8:30 bedtime. I can't keep her up if I try but I don't anymore. She still sleeps at night so I'm just following her need that she needs lots of sleep. She has very little play time. I don't have any extra suggestions than what pp posters said but I am hoping this evening cluster feeding stuff ends at some point. My LO is 7 weeks tomorrow as well. My poor DS doesn't play by himself so he has a lot of tv time which I hate. 
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