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Best stores for maternity bras?

Hi all - wondering what your favorite local store has been for getting maternity bras - particularly if you started with a bigger chest. I already have a hard time shopping in regular bra stores, as I'm normally a 34DDD, and I've grown enough now that my normal bras are barely hanging in there. There seems to be lots of maternity/nursing styles that look perfect and cute for smaller chests, but I'm thinking I'll need something with wider straps while not being plus sized. I'm more concerned with function over fashion, of course, but would also love to be able to buy at least one bra that's not totally matronly if possible.

Any ideas from others on stores, as well as brands, particularly for those with large chests?
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Re: Best stores for maternity bras?

  • You could check out Motherhood Maternity.........they have an outlet store in Eagan and will measure you.  I ended up getting nursing bras when I started to outgrow my regular bras.  Just remember if you plan to wear them post-baby for nursing, no underwire!  I made that mistake....
  • Thanks! Perfect timing, I'm headed out to hunt for new bras tomorrow and will check it out!
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  • Go to Soma. Their bras are high quality, they carry larger sizes, and will do fittings (which I highly recommend). They even have nice nursing bras if you need them later on. I used to work in the woodbury location.  They're great as is the store at MOA. 
  • Motherhood does not have great nursing bras for larger chested mamas. Several of their associates have told me not to buy them if I'm looking for support, just an FYI. 
  • Nordstrom can do alterations on their bras, in theory making any of their bras into a nursing bra.  I haven't tried this yet, but it's something to look into.  I'm also *ahem* more endowed, and the boutique where I normally get my bras advised that most mama's go up one band size and one cup size throughout the course of the pregnancy, maybe get a little bigger right after the baby is born, then settle back to the +1/+1 size throughout the majority of breastfeeding.
  • Thanks for all the recs!! This is so long after the fact, but I would put Soma for the win. Got a few at Motherhood Maternity but they were kind of ill-fitting and feel really cheap (which, at half the price of Soma, you do get what you pay for). Soma wasn't cheap but well worth the price, and my boobs are huge post-pregnancy so well worth it. I also wasn't able to nurse, so any extra accommodation the motherhood nursing bras could have had to offer doesn't apply to me.
    Thanks for all of the recommendations!!
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