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Travel (car, plane, cottage, etc.) TOYS + Airplane car seats?

Hi all! We have a 14-month-old son and will be taking a 9 hour flight, followed by a 3-hour train ride, and at some point later a 5-hour car ride.  I'm looking for advice on the best toys to bring (ipad and books are already on the list). All of your ideas would be most appreciated!

On a related note, I'm wondering if you can recommend a good convertible car seat for plane travel. The one we have is huge and very deep, and I have doubts it will fit into a regular economy seat.  Thanks a lot.

Re: Travel (car, plane, cottage, etc.) TOYS + Airplane car seats?

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    I've not used it, but when doing research, the Diono seat looked slim enough for a flight. We travel with our 13 month old son on our lap...

    He isn't so into toys on flights (he's been on about a dozen including a few transatlantic - not trying to brag, just give context). I bring more books than toys now, but if your kid has quiet toys that keep him happy, bring 'em! What works best for us is movies, which he doesn't otherwise get a ton of (though he watches an episode or two of Sesame Street a few days a week). No sound for him, but he doesn't seem to mind. I might bring crayons this trip. 

    If you are heading to Europe, check out the train line. Some offer special rooms for families, or at least a family area. We have even gotten gift bags with toys and activities.

    Good luck!!

    ETA: there are no car seats, to my knowledge, that are legal both in the US and Europe. Maybe you're going somewhere else/don't care, but heads up. You may do better to rent one at your destination.
  • Thank you - I hadn't thought to check about car seat regulations. Found this:

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  • I know you didn't specifically ask this but I found snacks to be more helpful than toys. My main experience has been a 16 hour (with breaks) car ride with a 12 month old. Snacks were a life saver. It stopped him crying almost every single time.
  • Thanks @SmrBrd2012 - I have a picky eater to boot, but he does love his puffs, so maybe I'll give in this once and let him go to town on a few different kinds. PS 16 hour car ride!?  You are a hero!
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