Major supply drop! Baby is waking middle of night again hungry worried IUD has changed my supply???? — The Bump
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Major supply drop! Baby is waking middle of night again hungry worried IUD has changed my supply????

Please help...
any one else have issues? What can I do to verify it is or not the issue? Anything to help build or encourage more milk production 


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    I was super stressed and noticed an almost immediate drop ( I pretty much pump exclusively now too so it's easier to see ) - since then I'm on a super strict routine of mothers milk tea atleast 2-3 times a day, Gaia lactation support supplements 3 times a day ($24 from Amazon for 120 capsules) and fenugreek capsules 2-3 caps, 2-3 times a day. Boom, milk supply boosted !! It really worked for me. 
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    If you're on an iud that releases progesterone, it can cause a decrease in milk supply. Other than weighted feeds, I don't know what else you can do to verify. As to boosting milk supply, I second the suggestion for mothers milk tea. I haven't tried support supplements but I'd give them a try in a pinch. Also if you can, I'd say to try adding a pump session to your routine or a power pump session (pump for ten, off for ten, pump for ten etc for an hour to imitate a growth spurt) and pump even if nothing comes out at first. The added demand for milk can cue your body to produce more.

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  • I've had a drop in supply after my IUD. My lactation consultant says that I should be able to get it back up to normal. I've been pumping every hour at work, using a manual pump after my electric pump, taking a supplement that's a blend of fenugreek, goat's rue, blessed thistle herb, nettle herb and fennel seed and making lactation smoothies & banana bread. I also get up in the middle of the night to pump. I seem to be at least getting just enough for him to eat during the day now, but not a drop extra lol. Don't give up! :)
  • I have not experienced a drop since having the mirena placed at 8 weeks. It could be your period, stress, not enough hydration, anything really. I would chart your output (pump after nursing if you're still nursing) and see if there is some kind of trend. Personally, I haven't noticed enough of a boost with the teas and supplements to take them consistently. I was drinking the mother's milk tea while out on leave but have since stopped. I am ep'ing though so I am pumping routinely. 

    It wouldn't hurt to pump after nursing if you aren't already. 
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