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How long after mc have you waited to try again?

Unfortunately, my first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage at about 6 weeks.. It was a truly horrifying experience. Everything was going so well then BAM, I got super sick with a kidney infection and high fever and had to take antiobiotics and Tylenol, after my fever was done I started spotting. Two hospital visits and u/s and two days later, I miscarried. I knew the exact moment it happened too. Sorry if this is tmi, but I passed the whole thing while just walking to my bedroom one day. I looked and tried so hard not break down and completely lose it. I did pretty good, but it was an experience that will probably scar me for the rest of my life. However, I recently got my first period after having the mc. It's been over a month now, and I was actually quite happy to have a period again. How long after did any of you wait to try conceive again after having a mc? Is there really a said time, or just suggested time? My partner and I want to try again, of course, and try soon. 

Re: How long after mc have you waited to try again?

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    It seems to vary from Doctor to doctor.  I had a d&c with my first loss and at my two week follow the doctor that did the d&c said we could start then but recommended one cycle so it would be easier to date it if did get pregnant. My ob said one cycle. I think the most important thing is for you to feel emotionally ready. 
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    I second @Hopefulmommy1980 . My doctor said after my first normal period following the miscarriage, we could try again. She also said that the 6 months following any miscarriage or pregnancy are when you're most fertile(if ovulating) and easier to conceive. My husband and I are waiting for me to physically miscarry this weekend and if not, to schedule a D&C next week. We're also wanting to try very soon after.. Probably as a way of coping but I know I'll be very nervous and worried. 

    I hope you're able to start as soon as your ready and find peace and happiness in a future pregnancy. Sending love!
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  • Sending hugs to you. I had a D&C and my doctor put me on pelvic rest for 2 weeks and then recommended trying after my first real period again. My MC cycle ended up being 32 days instead of usual 29, and I did ovulate during that cycle (I was temping to know what was going on). Most ladies I see have a longer cycle before getting their period again.

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  • Thank you ladies so much! 

    And yes that's what happened to me, my cycle was a lot longer this time, but it did come and everything feels normal again. I feel emotionally ready to try again but the fear will always be there.. I think, for me, I feel a little urgent to have a kid because I just turned 31 and haven't had one yet. I know it sounds ridiculous, but feel like time is getting short! 

    Thank you ladies again for your words 
  • I can relate. I am thirty five and trying to have my first. It does make you feel like there is clock that is ticking and if you don't do it soon enough you will run out of time. So good luck I hope you have your rainbow baby soon. 
  • I just miscarried on Monday and saw my doctor on Tuesday. She suggested to wait 3 months. 1 month to let everything settle and then have 2 cycles. I have heard a couple of people say right after a mc is when you are most fertile. But you also have to let your uterine walls build up for the next pregnancy. I was also 6 weeks. I am sorry to everyone for their loss. 
  • Try whenever you are ready. 

    I've waited 3 months and got pregnant immediately after burning the bench  and lost it. 

    I've also gotten pregnant when I was supposed to be benched (Dr's orders) and carried to term. 

    So in my experience, Waiting or not really made no difference in the outcome. 
  • What does your doctor advise? My doctor advised waiting one month after my first natural MC. After my second, we've been doing some testing, and I just haven't felt emotionally ready to try again and potentially have a third loss. I think we may try again in September or October, which would be 5-6 months after my second loss. I've needed this time, though, to heal. 

    After following your doctor's advice, I'd say go ahead and try whenever you and your DH are ready.
  • I am so sorry for your loss. I saw my OB yesterday at my follow up appt 2 wks after my miscarriage. He told me to wait 2 cycles. I am going with a new OB. I have a consult in 2 weeks. He told me AF should return in 3-4 weeks from our appointment yesterday. Not sure what yesterday has to do with it. I had my complete miscarriage on July 23rd. He is not considering me high risk. I turned 34 in April but would be 35 before I deliver if all works well next time around. This was a natural pregnancy and I wasn't charting anything but my AF start and end dates with an estimated week I would be fertile. I guess he doesn't consider me to be high risk the next time around because of all this. 
    I am also really upset with him and his office because during our first appointment on July 11th I gave a urine sample which came back positive for a UTI. They didn't call me to tell me. Instead they send meds to the pharmacy for me on the 18th and I didn't know about those until I picked up meds for pain from my miscarriage on July 26th. I can't have a doctor that doesn't call you when something is wrong. That is crazy. He told me to start taking folic acid because it is best to take it 3 months before you get pregnant. I have been taking prenatals for 3 years to get my body ready and he knew that from our previous appointment. It was a stupid appointment yesterday, basically everything he told me you can read on this site. 
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  • In 2013, I lost a pregnancy at 8 weeks (d&c at 10 weeks). I got pregnant 2nd cycle after my period returned (we waited until my first period to try). That ended in a second miscarriage (and another d&c at 10 weeks). I got pregnant the first cycle after my period returned (we didn't wait until my period returned to try) and that resulted in a baby! So I'm with a PP who said that # of cycles might not matter. I emotionally just wanted a baby ASAP. I felt like it would help me heal (and it did, though I was an anxious wreck). good luck!


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  • I literally just Googled this before getting on here. Apparently there was a study recently confirming that it might actually be best to go for it right away, and odds of a healthy pregnancy actually start to go down 6 months post-loss. Google "getting pregnant immediately after miscarriage" and you will definitely see what I am talking about. 

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