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So I read in an earlier, closed thread that someone said to avoid Dr. Kipoliongo at Crystal Run.

Does anyone know why or have further info on this? Any other suggestions for good CR doctors? I have all of my medical info there so it'd be great to keep with them if possible.
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Re: Crystal Run OBs

  • Maybe they didn't like her because she can sometimes seem standoffish. I personally love dr. K when you have your baby she is there for you 100%. Don't just write her off.For regular appointments she can be hit-or-miss personality wise but she is an excellent doctor and will take very good care of you and your baby.
  • vprodvprod member
    @jgreco530 ah thank you! I have definitely read the standoffish comments elsewhere, and when I've seen her in the past I felt like she wasn't very into me as a patient (I'm talkative), but these ladies seemed extremely against her, so it made me worry about the circumstances surrounding their comments. 

    My appointment cancellation actually never went through so I'm going to see her but also see a couple of other Drs and maybe midwives in the area just to be safe
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