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Car seat blowout!

Has your LO had a blowout in the car seat yet? How do you go about cleaning yours? I mean obviously you wipe up all the poop but do you have any tips or trick for the stain?
Before leaving my sister's house today she said "Wouldn't it be funny if she had a blowout on the way home?" (she thought so since her son just had a blowout in his new stroller). Needless to say I want to kick her butt (my sister's) because this way her first blowout and poop got all over the car seat! Haha. 

*I have the Baby Trend EZ Flex-Loc and the manual says I cannot put the material in the washing machine. Spot clean only. :/ 

Re: Car seat blowout!

  • I would put it on gentle cycle in the washing machine and let it air dry. 
  • I have the same car seat, and DD had a small blowout over the weekend in it.  I cleaned it with a baby wipe and laid a burp rag between her and the seat. It looks okay today. I wouldn't be worried about stains because car seats just get gross over time, but I was briefly concerned about lingering germs.
  • Dd just had a huge blowout on Monday in her car seat. It was huge, pooling in the seat, all over straps, etc.  I took everything off and washed it in my washer and hung to dry overnight.  You aren't supposed to put straps in the washer but the car seat literally would not have been usable if I didn't. Sometimes you just have to make those judgement calls.  If you have trouble reassembling everything look at you tube videos or call the company, it's very important to get it all back together correctly.  
    There was even dried poop on the shell of the car seat when I removed the cover. My 2 year old has peed and puked in his chicco next fit and I've had to do the same thing. Some things you just cannot live with!
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    Okay so I cleaned the car seat last night. I did take the material part off and hand cleaned it with Dreft. The metal part was the difficult part. It was squished down into moving parts.
    I just took a wash cloth and more dreft and got it the best I could. Even a cheap toothbrush down in it to try and get it better. I rotated all the parts while cleaning. I thought everything was pretty clean but I still think it smells. So I am going to use dawn this time and reclean the area to see if that works better. The good news is it didn't stain and is not stiff!
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