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Birth Photography?

Hello! I am looking for a birth photographer in southern NJ. I don't want anything crazy, just want to make sure that certain moments are captured- such as my myself and my husband holding baby for first time, etc. Hoping not to spend an arm and a leg...
Thank you for any input! 

Re: Birth Photography?

  • There are tons on Groupon that is what I was going do...but waited to long
  • Thank you! I never even thought of Groupon lol. Managed to find one on Google, she wanted $2500...yeah that's certainly not in our budget!
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  • What part of Southern Jersey?  Also when is the due date?
  • I am very interested as well! I am not due until March and live by the Cherry Hill area

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  • Millville/ Vineland area. Due December 6th.
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