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July Monthly Pics

hi! It's July lets do some pics. Ellie is just six months, enjoys sitting, eating and playing, as well as new faces! She still only has two teeth, and is not crawling yet, just rolling around to get things.


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  • I turned seven months old on July 1st. I sit well, have tons of personality, LOVE food, and am working really hard at trying to crawl and get my first tooth.--Ainsley
  • Zane is 6 months. He is working on crawling and really enjoys people, especially the ladies. He went to his first electronic music festival with us a few weeks ago and loved it! Partly due to all the pretty ladies there who absolutely adored him! :)
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  • Bash turned 7mos yesterday
  • Jordyn turned 7 months today. She is full of personality, can sit up really well, loves to eat and play. She doesn't have any teeth yet and is working towards crawling. 
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    Melina turned 6 months on the 28th. She sits on her own, no teeth as yet, she is working on crawling and enjoys trying new foods. She reall LOVES mango!!
  • Amelia is 6 and a half months! Full of belly laughs and penetrating cries when something doesn't go her way! 
  • 7 months on the 2nd. We were on an adventure- 2 amusement parks, Amish country, two 4th of July parties, hiking to Sterling Pond and more all while cutting BOTH bottom teeth and she took it in stride. Now just to get back in the habit of bed before 11pm :)
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    Emma Noelle is just over 6 months!
    where has the time gone???

  • Connor turns 7 months today. He crawls, sits w/o support, pulls onto his feet, and has one tooth
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