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Babies first stroller... HELP!

Okay, so I'm only 18 weeks, but am already looking into buying a stroller... 
Does anyone know of a front-facing stroller or bassinet stroller that folds?!

Re: Babies first stroller... HELP!

  • We have the Britax b-agile stroller and it folds so easily. We love it. 
  • I was just about to suggest the B-Agile! It's so lightweight and you literally can fold it one-handed. The seat doesn't lay completely flat (not quite ideal for a young baby) but DS was comfortable and secure in it from the time he was just a few weeks old. It also comes with the connectors for the car seat (though I have never used that option and it would make it rear facing). 
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  • I'd go for something that rear faces with a car seat first. It can be really overwhelming for a brand new baby to have the whole world coming at him while mom is out of sight. We have the Bob Revolution flex and it's great. I was super gung ho to get a stroller while I was pregnant but I honestly babywear so much that it barely gets used. 
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  • We have the B-agile as well and it's so great!!!!  I have it with the car seat as well and you can make the car seat face both forward or backwards.
  • B-agile all the way! My little one falls asleep as soon as we put him in it. He's currently in the car seat rear facing until he's older. What's great about the stroller is you can adjust the incline on it. 
  • We have the new Baby Jogger City Premier and we love it. It can be forward or rear facing which is awesome and almost fully reclines without the purchase of a bassinet but it has the attachment for that or a car seat. 
  • I love our Chicco Bravo for quick shopping trips and we just got our BOB and using it with the car seat baby loves it for long walks.
  • I started with a caddy stroller (I like to call it a skeleton stroller, because its just the bare bones) that held his carseat. I got mine at a consignment sale for about $20 - I definitely wouldn't have paid full price for one. Aside from walking/jogging in our neighborhood, I used the caddy exclusively until LO was about 7 months old. It was SO LIGHT and very easy to fold up and pop in the trunk. 

    Some people think they aren't worth it since they are essentially useless without the carseat. I think if you can find one for cheap, it's a GREAT thing to have. 
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  • I got the Uppababy Vista with DD1. You can use it with a car seat (I have a Graco carseat and got the adapter), then you can also use the toddler seat and flip it either rear or front facing, and it also comes with a bassinet. I actually used the bassinet most in my bedroom as her bed for the first 3months (got a stand for it), I would pop it into the stroller for walks when she was really young. Using this same stroller now as baby #2 arrives soon.... I got the attachable 2nd seat and the piggyback for options for my now toddler girl.  
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  • Congrats for the baby . The moment from giving name to your new born baby to his walking is precious for every mother . For choosing good stroller for your baby is not easy . please visit this link . It may help you a lot .

  • Most (not all) strollers fold these days. We have the Chicco Bravo because the car seat clicks right in, the stroller collapses fairly flat and it's super easy for me to do it on my own when DH isn't with us. 

    And I agree with miss lilac

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