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Cluster feeding/growth spurt making me sick

My 2 week old ate all day yesterday and into this day and idk if it's causing my stomach ache or what, but I feel like garbage! It's probably dehydration. Right? Blarg.
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Re: Cluster feeding/growth spurt making me sick

  • My girl did that a few days shy of two weeks then again a few days shy of three weeks. I do notice that every time I breastfeed, I feel a little bit nauseated. Apparently it's the oxytocin being released during the feedings - it's completely normal (according to Dr. Google).
  • Agreed. I had a super gross feeling during the last two clusters. I took tums for a sour stomach. I know I need to make better eating choices, especially when she is cluster feeding. And LOTS of water.
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  • I'm only 5 days pp, but I get really crampy when he eats,  which is normal. I have also gotten nauseous too, I actually vomited 2x since having him. Not saying it's normal, but I think it's because of hormones 
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  • I'm 6 days pp and have noticed a couple times since yesterday afternoon I'll get this fleeting mild wave of dizziness, followed immediately by a very mild sensation in my hands, almost warm.  Whole thing maybe lasts a minute or less.  When I have noticed it it's when I'm borderline asleep or when starting to fight the urge to fall asleep.  I'm wondering if it's just exhaustion related.  I feel great during the day and sleep good when I get to.  It was the worst MOTN feeding time.  
  • I get nausea when bf too. And the cluster feedings wear me out, I feel like all I do is sit on my butt and nurse, the doc suggested adding 1 oz formula to chase the cluster feedings if you want to try that (I haven't)
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