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First midwife appt at 6wks... UPDATE

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Hey all,

My first appointment with my midwife is on Friday, I'll be in my 6th week. I'm told it's just to confirm the pregnancy so I assume urine and blood work. But I've read some give a pap, some get an US that early. I like my midwife and went to her after the miscarriage in Feb (really needed a new provider!).

Did you have an appointment before 8wks? How was it? What should I expect?


Re: First midwife appt at 6wks... UPDATE

  • Every practice is different.  Some will offer an ultrasound and some won't.  They will probably do a test to confirm the pregnancy but it might be bloodwork or it might just be a pee test.  I'd go with a full bladder in case they need urine.

    My practice won't see you until 10 weeks, but at that appointment they do a lot of bloodwork.
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    Last pregnancy there was only a urine and blood test prior to 8w
    This pregnancy I had a 5w3d ultrasound to confirm, plus bloodwork.
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  • Thanks so much!

    Last pregnancy I was with an OB and they did blood and urine at 8wks but I never had an ultrasound (at my request). With this being a PGAL I wasn't sure if the expectations may change. They didn't mention an US when I scheduled, just "confirm the pregnancy".
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    I've never had an appointment before 8 weeks. First appointment for me has been pee in a cup, weight, blood pressure check, and a pap. Then I get a script for bloodwork. I had to request a viability scan this time. 


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  • My first appt is at 6.5 weeks, I'm having an US ("early viability scan") and then an appt with the OB.  This is only because of my loss.  The previous time I got pregnant I was scheduled for a nurse visit immediately (never made it to that) and an US and OB visit at 8 weeks. 
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  • Freaking out today a bit...

    I've been having my usual morning sickness and all day nausea for a few days now and sore nipples, not full out aching chest, for a week. Today was still sick but not nauseous and my boobs feel normal. Last time my chest ached since before my pos hpt. I'm so worried I've lost again! Why can't I just be ok? I see my midwife tomorrow but fear the worst. 

    Am I insane?
  • You're not insane, you've just been on the wrong side of luck before. PGAL brain sucks - I'm sorry. I struggled a lot the first few weeks until I had several confirmations that things are going fine. Fx for tomorrow - we are rooting for you! 
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  • @ceclarlinetlo Thanks for your reply

    It's as if bean was mad that I doubted... tonight I was sick with a vengeance! I'll update tomorrow after my visit
  • I am following...

    I had a loss at just over 10 weeks on 12/1/15.  I just got my BFP yesterday and I am too early to get excited according to my last period at only 3 weeks 3 days.

    With both of my previous pregnancies they didn't see me until 8 weeks. I was wondering if it will be sooner this time.

  • UPDATE I love my midwife... She gets PGAL brain and is willing to humor me.

    Drew betas Friday and will again on Monday to check for rise (she doesn't think it will tell us much but knows it will make me feel better to have labs)... Pushed US to 9wks to"let you do a bit of growing". I'm still nervous out of my mind for US but sick and not able to eat much. That's what I want up to the 9wk US (last loss was estimated around 9wks when my symptoms went away)

    Thanks for all your well wishes and prayers!
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